Match History Not Retrieving - Been like this for several days

The servers are shutting down in January 2021 and I’m trying to get the Platinum/100% before this happens. For the past several days, this has happened to myself and others trying to complete the game and complete missions. I know the servers are shutting down and Gearbox doesn’t really care, but please fix this.


The best thing to do would be to file a support ticket. This issue seems to crop up periodically.

I have submitted a ticket. The issue is popping up a LOT since the announcement of the server shutdown in January 2021. I want to think it has to do with the holidays, but come on.

Ive submitted a support request too, is frustrating when trying to get the Lore challenges done and having nothing saved.

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My buddy and me are having the same problem. It’s VERY VERY frustrating to do every challenge over and over just because it’s not saving.

This problem is still plaguing this game from launch day. Don’t expect them to “fix” it now, since it’s an abandoned game. :expressionless:

Thats not altogether true, since they announced the game was closing I had rock solid performance from it, wasn’t until around the 22nd of Dec that I started seeing the error retrieving stats.

Today, only one of like 10 games saved. :frowning::frowning::frowning:

Still essentially broken for me, no response from my support ticket either (open for over a week now). Was intending to buy the Operations stages before the end of the month but if the stats don’t save like this, whats the point.

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same here :tired_face:

I got a response on my ticket, yay!

Just standard stuff. Try resetting cache, network troubleshooter, asking what platform I’m running on, like they didn’t even read the original support request at all. Not feeling like its going to get resolved at all.

yeah same here. pretty weird tho. as if it was a bot that answered. pretty sure you have the exact same text as me.

What data center you using monkeyhands? I’m primarily on Asia East but still pretty laggy, but will take reliable if it means it keeps the stats.

i usually go with “optimal” as i don’t really see a big difference. the save ratio is pretty unpredictable for me and my buddy. sometimes we get lucky and 3 games in a row save. other times only 1 of like 10 games is saving. :expressionless::frowning:

the games are never laggy tho.

Same… for a while I was getting moderate success if I went to Options / Support Info to note the Match ID mid-game (as match ID doesnt show if the connection fails at the end), but today I didnt have a single match save…

oh i didn‘t know of that “trick”. will have a look at that later.:blush:

I heard back from my bot, was not what I expected… I appreciate the honesty for sure, hopefully its sorted soon.

Sorry to hear those troubleshooting steps didn’t work for you. Usually when this happens it is related to Gearbox servers. Sometimes when another Gearbox game is experiencing issues or maintenance, Battleborn seems to suffer. I don’t have any advice for you regarding this issue other than to hang tight.

I’m sorry that I don’t have any more info regarding this issue, but if you have any other questions, please let me know!

Thank you,

2K Jim

yeah i just got the same response. :frowning:
do we know of any other game of theirs that is going through maintenance etc? borderlands 3 maybe?

also, i tried your trick but it didn’t really work out. i had a match id when i checked support during the match, but it still didn’t save.

someone else got this response tho:

“Because of the work of diligent players like you, we’ve been able to collect enough information about this issue to notify the development team, and they are currently working towards a solution.”

I guess this is it then :’(

I’m truly sorry I don’t have an update about this. Please be sure to check out @2KSupport and @Battleborn on Twitter for any updates as they will have an update faster than I would for you.