Match History Not Retrieving - Been like this for several days

This is completely unacceptable. I will NOT be buying Godfall when it comes out. Gearbox does not seem to be able to have functional servers even for a game like Borderlands so I don’t expect them to figure out how to have them working with Godfall on PS5.

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It’s gotten far worse.

Today I did about 10 matches with friends, had match history saved for NONE of them.

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Yeah, its worse. Ive been doing around 5 matches a day, I try one on each server - two US, two Europe, one Asia, none of them have saved since around the 16th.

They may as well shut down the servers now if stats are never going to save, and they dont care to fix this for us. Feels like a big slap in the face :’(

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I’ll reiterate my earlier request to please file a support ticket for this issue, particularly if you hit a particularly egregious patch. I know support staff do browse the forums, but it’s a lot easier for them to track down where a problem is originating if they have relevant information.

Cheers @VaultHunter101, however Ive already submitted a ticket to Gearbox Zendesk last month, have been getting regular responses back (which was nice!) but they are out of options, suggested I try Twitter. Tried that too, no response.

Have just copy/pasted my support ticket from December into the 2K Zendesk, hopefully get some response there.

Thanks for submitting the tickets. I’ve also notified GBX staff and pointed them to this thread. As a point of reference, do you have your ticket numbers handy?

Sure do!
Gearbox Ticket: #200502
2K Ticket: #5248260 (though has the same info as the Gearbox one)

Thanks @VaultHunter101 hopefully we can go back to defending the light…

@VaultHunter101 here‘s my gearbox ticketnumber if you need it as well:


Thanks - I don’t need it personally, but it will be easier for GBX staff to check up on the situation with that information.

Edit to add that GBX are indeed investigating this and working towards a solution.

played 3 matches, all saved. :grin:

Same here! 10 matches, simply set to Optimal instead of picking a server, every one of them successful. Haven’t had that since before Christmas.

Thank you so much @VaultHunter101 and please pass on my utmost thanks to the Gearbox team for jumping on this when there’s so few of us players left.

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Seems I spoke too quickly, today have been playing for an hour, 5 matches, all of them had Error Retrieving Stats.

All I can suggest is firing off another ticket. I’ll give my contact a heads up as well.

I’ve re-opened my old ticket, fingers crossed…

GBX is aware of the issue on this end, too. Hopefully, they can figure out why this keeps happening and dial in a permanent fix.


i have re-opened my ticket as well. i was soooo happy it was working again. guess i celebrated too early. :cry:

fingers crossed it‘ll get fixed soon. :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

It would be nice. Having only 2 1/2 days of being able to save was good and all, but we have lives, work/errands to run, etc… I was personally almost tempted to call off a workday to get some lore in. I didn’t though and kind of wish I did lol

Yeah during the week everything worked brilliantly on Tuesday and Wednesday with no issues. Come Thursday it went down again. That was on PS4.

Today I fired up the Xbox One version and not a thing has saved.


Still nothing, running a couple of matches a day, havent had a single one save since that last great Wednesday.

Can anyone at Gearbox check the stats server, seems like its out of disk space or the file system is read only…