Match made into a cheaters game and got boosted before i even knew what happened. Please help revert gear box

So basically just finished the story, level 34. Started a new game on TVHM mayhem 3 because i was feeling pretty cocky with my amazing grenade moze build, decided to match make. I joined a game and level 50 popped on my screen. three other players where level 50 and super jumping, they were talking in chat " the devs down care about cheating". It clicked what just happened and I instantly left, hoping it wasn’t permanent. My character is now level 50! Because of these guys i skipped 16 levels. There is probably nothing that can be done. but hopefully you guys could do something, doubtful tho. I want to be level 34 again :frowning:

Pretty god damn sad and bloody annoyed. I should of got a screenshot of the names or something…

Also gave me 650 guardian points ffs. I saw there is a recent player tab, if it is in order of most recently played I have their names.

All I can suggest is file a support ticket.

See if epic has this option.

And use the PC trading section here to group up. We’ve got a bulletin thread for players that I’ll get here ASAP.

Epic Id ; Le Sharks
Steam Id ;
Time Zone ; CET (central european time)
Frequent online times (in local timezones) ; almost all the time
Mic ; yes
Game/DLC version (Basic, Deluxe, Super Deluxe) ; basic
What you want online for (Boss fights, playthroughs, messing about, farming etc) ; all of those
Other information* - ; I am up for anything just want to play the game and have some fun whilst chatting with new people