Match maker PLEASE read and address

Okay so I saw on the reddit post that gearbox feels match maker is okay and their analytics claim to backup the premade teams dont tend to snow ball teams constantly. I just want to say its a load of BS. Now today only my group and we have swapped out for some pugs through out the day. have won about 30+ STRAIGHT GAMES! Most teams surrender within 5-10 minutes and I would say thats got to be 80% of the games today. Not only is this not fun for us not being challenged even though supposedly there is an ELO system (laugh) but it sure can’t be fun for opposing teams.

The game needs proper ELo matchmaking because Im sorry a lv 28 as our lowest level and highest being like 60 should be matched with some poor dudes at lv 10 or less it isn’t fair to anyone involved. And more so we need ranked so we can seperate the casual guys wanting to just mess around and have fun and those who want to go hard to the paint.

Here is a SS of my stats on just two of my characters. my combined W/L is 109 wins 37 losses. and that massive difference is going to greatly increase at this rate…

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You are lvl 15 on Galilea. Of course you have 30 wins in a row. She is massively overpowered! And if you are one of ‘those guys’ that only plays Galilea while also matched up with friends over voice, well, my team hates your guts. :wink:

I also have not a single loss on her, which is why I stopped playing her until she’s brought down to a more reasonable level. Actually, our entire team has decided we’d not pick Miko and Galilea at the same time, if we pick one of the two at all. It’s just not fun.

Now with Ghalt, he is amazingly strong in the early game and has a stun and a displacement tool. While he’s not nearly as OP as Galilea, I’d definitly consider him very good and in need of readjustment, if only ever so slightly.

tl;dr, Matchmaking is bad, yes, but your choice of picks has definitely a lot to do with you feeling bored. Try picking another hero. None of them is truly super bad, and it’s fun to get them to work.

Edit: Get ready to get a LOT of flak for maining the ‘God of the Month’ character.

Eh i liked her in beta so i mained her I also play miko/oscar/gault/klasse/boldur and will still have similar results. the fatc is our team with yes using TS is amazingly strong yet we keep getting stuck fighting brand new players which isn’t fair to them or us. :confused:

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At least now he knows why he wins so easily :smiley:
When you have something like 1.5k dps while running it’s pretty obvious why you bash everyone.

I have to say I’m impressed about the fact this guy got to play more than 30 match in a day, I can’t even manage to find opponent and/or teamates

But when I do I have to say it’s not always balanced regarding the level.
Very often the levels are close together but when you are rank 20 and get matched with 40-60 against 2 guys level 3…
Not easy for them to enjoy the game.

I think a lot of the comments on this stem from not realizing that the ELO system takes time for it to accumulate enough data to be useful. I don’t think there’s enough data out there yet for it to accurately pair groups of similar strength together. One option is to post on the forums offering to arrange private team matches on whatever platform your team uses. That way the stronger players and teams that are likely to read these forums can look to arrange really competitive games against each other.

To be fair, their claim about data not 100% supporting that fact that 5 players groups dominate was very revealing.

Is it 99% then ?

They sure didn’t deny 5 groups were dominating the vast majority of the time and they could have…

heh yah 99% makes sense lol

Yeah matchmaking is pretty awful.

I’m not highest level ever I’m only level 15 but I keep getting matched against profiles in the mid 40s so I can’t ever win anything it gets rather frustrating.