Match Making and player finder are garbage

Played closed and open beta. I shouldn’t of bought this game. Told myself it was just beta and I should be thankful for being able to try it out and the retail game would be better with match making and other things.

Game has not improved at all. Match making is the worst I can remember in any game. You are so limited and every game is not fairly matched up.

A. Randoms get matched up against a full group.
B. Group of level 5 or under players get matched up against level of 20+
C. One person leaves match in character selection.

Even the character selection screen makes me want to poke my eyes out. There is always some idiot who is afk or takes every second to pick.Shorten the time. Not like we have a soft lock and can go back and help sync the team better. Everyone knows who they are playing going into the match.

The worst part is the Devs responded about match making in open beta claiming beta didn’t have the match making system release would have.

Combine this with story when someone leaves or some idiot can’t stand on a circle to advance the mission. Can’t find a group for the map you want to play. I go into story and end up playing the same few missions when I want to complete other ones.

I now understand why Borderlands never has pvp. Nobody would buy the game and it would get ripped apart.

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