Match making issues on Xbox One

Is anyone else having issues finding any other players for matchmaking. I have been trying to play, and the last time I was able to play a match online was was on June 24, 2016. I know that this has been a big weekend with double credits, but I should be able to log into a match.

Are you trying story or versus mode? I’ve been able to play quite a few matches yesterday and today without too many problems (although disconnects seem to happen a lot during matchmaking or story selection.) This is in eastern continental US (New England states up through Ontario & Quebec).

Maybe try restarting your XB1 and see if it helps?

Incidentally, don’t know if you meant to have your email address showing but, on the chance that you didn’t, you might want to edit your preferences.

Hey, I’m haveing these kind of issues, to including low internet ping. With an open net!

I have been trying in both modes. Story mode it will sit for a while searching for teammates, then just starts with me solo. The versus mode, just never loads. I am in the US West coast.

Thanks for letting me know about my e-mail I missed that.

Same. Open or moderate NAT (the game cant seem to make up its mind despite open in every other way and game) but long wait times and horrific ping even with full green bars.

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