Match making issues (ps4)

I have been having severe issues with the matchmaking on ps4. Since the update on tuesday it takes an incredibly long time to find a match. The game will often seem to hang, having found 4 others for my team, waiting for an opposing team. This goes on untill someone leaves and, then starts the process over again.

It doesnt really feel like its lack of players, it feels more like an issue putting them together.

Partying up with at least one friend seems to fix the issue, but partying is not always an option.

Its almost the exact same situation we had for a while in the CTT, which was later fixed.

Anyone else having this issue?


Yep. It’s been terrible. I’m from Aus so I’ve had the worst experiences with servers - continuous error messages, yellow/red bars, lag, you name it - but the matchmaking has always been half decent. Games and players found in no more than a minute. Today I put the game down for the first time since release and played something else. 'Twas a depressing moment :disappointed:

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I got a lot of server lag last night. Even in a private solo story match it was a little jumpy, framerate chugging by and it made PvP a chore. I was playing as Galilea mostly so i could just spam her R2, but throwing her shield was impossible. What tue hell is going on?

The people buying battleborn on ps4 last week in UK actually increased compared to the previous week, so there should actually be more players on PS4 now.

Source: UK PAL Charts - Battleborn was 40th place then last 7 days went back up to 33rd.

Yup, can confirm pretty much exact same wait times as the start of CTT. Same behaviour with players dropping from matchmaking etc.

Update: still having issues. Ive gotten 1 meltdown match in the last day. Incursion is better but still 15- 30 mins to get a match.

Last night I queued for 1hr 10mins in meltdown just to see how long it would actually take without giving up. I did get one after that time, but man…

What region are you in?

I’m in the UK and play most evenings. We had no trouble finding games last night, it took us a couple of minutes for both incursion and meltdown modes.

U.S. mid west.

one thing i have noticed:
In the top right corner, under the game type and player count it it says either “serching for teammates/opponents” or "waiting for teammates /opponents. It seems to get stuck waiting instead of serching after it forms a team. It will serch for like 5 seconds then go right back to waiting.

What’s you NAT type (it shows this top right of the Battleborn home screen)?

Nat type 2.

That’s fine, same as mine.

Are you playing in the evening your time, or at other times of the day (which may be less busy with people being at work/school)?

Unless you’re playing at strange times, it seems odd that you are having long matchmaking wait time’s unless there’s very few in the US playing this (which I find hard to believe).

Might be worth rebooting your router (and playing with a wired not wireless PS4 if you’re not already) just to see if that changes anything.

People seem to be saying it has to do with your ELO. The higher it is (the more you win), the longer matchmaking takes (because it has to find good opponents). One of the devs asked for the win-loss-ratio of players complaining about long matchmaking times…

What thread can I find that on to post my win/losses?

Yea… the running excuse is that we’re all just SO GOOD at the game, that Gearbox can’t find 9 other people in our bracket. Which sure sounds like nonsense to me.

I cant recall exactly which topic it was, but i saw it too. You can find it if you use the dev tracker.

I just wish we could get a ETA on a fix. I love this game so far, but 30+ minutes for a game just is just…ugh… frustrating. On top of that when i do find a match, it either disconnects because people leave, or one team surrenders. (Not complaining about surrender in general, just on top of the wait its a bummer)

The game is super fun and i want play, but my time is limited.

Well the long wait times have pushed me into the more n00b friendly arms of Overwatch.

I can’t recall how many times I sit there waiting for a match for 30 minutes just to have players disconnect cause they either afraid of levels or mad that someone picked they character, then my girl comes in and says “Wanna play Overwatch” and I go “Yep!” cause I don’t feel llike waiting again.

I love battleborn, but if this is due to ELO then I’m prolly gonna start taking a break until it’s adjusted as all it’s doing is waisting my time

To repeat: “One of the devs asked for the win-loss-ratio of players complaining about long matchmaking times…”

If there wasn’t something to it, they wouldn’t have asked.

I cant see how winning a few more games has such a large impact on matchmaking times. If you have a winrate of sub 50% you get a match within 2 minutes, but if you have a 70%+ winrate you have to wait 20 minutes or more?

The last 2 weeks have been pretty brutal for me to find a game. I thought matchmaking time was bad when the game first came out (5 minutes), but now my average wait time seems to be 15-25 minutes…basically enough time to play a full game, which is just unacceptable. If they cant fix this by the next patch ill probably stop playing. Plenty of other games I can play without having to wait 20 minutes to start playing.

Because their match making and ranking system is fundamentally flawed. It seems to go off wins rather than anything else, which is in no way an indicator of skill (Three of my team mates disconnect, so I must not be skilled?). And so yes, when you get on the shallow side of the bell curve for wins, it takes longer to match you against players in the same ranking. Same would be true if you lost more than average, you would have a hard time finding other people who also lost a lot.