Match statistics could not be retrieved

I don’t know where else to post this, but anyone else getting this bug? Please fix it asap. It’s very annoying to miss out on your exp reward when you’ve been in a match for more than 20 minutes!

EDIT: Especially annoying when you’ve had your ass handed to you, but stuck around anyway to get that darn exp and be a good sport to your team mates!!

You still get the CR and character exp even if it gives you the error message. Check through your match history to look through it all. Every single game I play whether it’s private, public, pve, pvp I always get that message too and then I get kicked to the title screen. Then I have 10 minutes of error messages just to get back to the game menu, and then check the match history to see how I went. It’s so much fun - he said sarcastically

I hear ya. I’m starting to feel this was a waste of my time and money

I’m maintaining my patience. It’s frustrating af but I’m trusting the devs to work this out. I get a ton of error messages constantly, gameplay isn’t too bad but there’s a slight delay between button presses and skill activations (especially fun when you’ve got gali in your face and because of that delay you get rekt). Some people are having bad framerate drops on top of that so I think I’m actually one of the luckier ones with these issues. Are you from Aus too, by chance?

No sorry man, I’m not from Aus. But yeah I’m hoping the devs gets their sh** together. I can’t believe there are so many issue post launch, but I guess we all should have learned from Aliens CM. Personally I don’t think they will be fixing the gameplay mechanics. I’m (unfortunately) starting to loose faith completely in gearbox

Is that why you haven’t been able to join my games, connection issues? I’m from Aus and most of the people I play with are as well, what you’re describing has only happened to me once but we’re all pretty used to red bar lol.

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Yeah pretty much. It’s been since happening since midnight release so initially I thought it was high traffic slowing down the servers but it’s still going. You should see me trying to sell items… it takes about 20 minutes to sell everything I don’t need/want because every third item causes a failure of some sort. Can I join your session directly from the ps4 community page? I’m still pretty new to online gaming so I’m not sure a lot of the time how to go about it

had it happen to me 2 times after a PVE mission and one after a PVP match.

for the PVE mission i still got my experience and had a new command rank. When it happend after the PVP match I didn’t get the experience etc.

It happens rarely but it is still annoying

Wow that is very unfortunate though well done on persevering :frowning: You can join directly from the community page yes, though I always create a chat party when I come online so whenever you see me online and want to play just jump in the chat and we’ll get you in ASAP!

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Cheers, I wasn’t sure about the expected etiquette with joining sessions! Wasn’t particularly keen on embarrassing myself :sweat_smile:

Any pvp games I’ll get booted from matchmaking after they’ve found 10 players. Then when I try to queue again it connects me to the match. I end up at the character select screen with 4 players having already selected and waiting on me. Hel, I even get booted and re connected with solo private pve missions. I guess I’m just used to it by now haha at least it’s consistent

That has to be the best attitude about such a thing I’ve ever seen lol. Hopefully they’ll work on Oceanic servers soon for those who are having this much trouble :frowning:

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