Match vs 5 GB Devs

At least I’m assuming that’s what the “Gearbox Dev” tag means :slight_smile:

Was pretty fun, despite the Rath :slight_smile:


Oh your suspicions are correct!

Anyone with the Gearbox Dev title/icon are Gearbox employees. This was a really good game, you guys played very well!!

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Good to see GBX doing everything they can to shore up player numbers! :slight_smile:

That’s cool. I once was in a match against 1 Gearbox dev titled person. Two of our team disconnected, and our team obviously lost but it still was a fun game because our team worked together pretty well.

I’d be pretty afraid if I’d get paired against 5 of those Gearbox dev people to be honest. ^^’

I had also played against a Gearbox Dev (that’s like a unicorn…) fairly recently. It was Princess Pariah and her teammate, Primus Ribicus. I think her and I both ran Miko that match.

(Pay no attention to my NAT) :blcensor:

Dangit! I wanna run into a developer so bad. JEALOUSY!

Someday… someday…

I do too, just so I can abuse the backdoor glitch against them…

If they’re not gonna fix and I have to keep dealing with it, then I’d love to ruin a few of their games personally

I’ve ran into them far more frequently than i’d ever have expected on the PC. Just not usually a full party of them lol