Matched set "Heat"?

Does the less heat this skill gives per matched gear mean Iron Bears heat buildup with miniguns?? I always assumed it meant CoV weapons. Saw one of Moxsys videos today for his Iron bear build and he seems to think it affects Iron bears heat buildup


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No it’s just COV weapons.


Moxsy just says things sometimes…


Yeah… Please don’t use YouTubers as a basis for anything. Moxsy isn’t the worst if them, but his skill choices are still pretty poor on occasion. There isn’t a YouTuber that I have seen that has nearly the skill and knowledge that many in this board have, especially concerning Moze.


Well Joltzdude has to be legit as he clears True takedowns solo countless times with his builds so… but yeah I was shocked how many mistakes he did in his video.

Agreed, he’s one of the better ones. But the sheer amount of times they get stuff wrong is annoying. Killer6 saying hellshock does splash is my most recent one. God forbid you get me started on Paul Tassis with Forbes… Not YouTube, but so so so wrong…


If you ever want correct info on stats or skills and what they do you come to the forums if you want build ideas you come to the forums and YouTube but never listen to explanations on YouTube because they are usually wrong even someone like dpj got a lot wrong about how good the lunacy Relic is

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The best YouTubers are from the forum.

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I’ve yet to see a YouTuber that really looks into the testing work we do on the forums here. I think everyone here that contributes consistently has a channel, but not for profit or fame. I think @sammantixbb has the most views out of everyone I see that posts regularly. But plenty of other excellent testers have channels that far outclass what I usually see on YouTube.


@kabflash is the YT MVP of the forum.


I don’t consider myself a “Youtuber” though. I have vastly different motivations. For me Youtube is just a convenient place to put videos my channel is not monetized and I have no plans to do so. I only do what I do out of passion for the game and my desire to share what I know/learn.

It doesn’t bother me so much that the big youtubers who are doing this for their lifestyle put up builds that probably have mistakes and whatnot. It does bother me when their followers treat it like the word of god. I understand they are under pressure to produce content, to make things look pretty in order to get their views and make their money. I imagine they have less time to study every inch of a character when they put so much effort into production of a video.

It’s a cutthroat competitive world out there and sometimes we can forget some of these guys are under pressure to keep churning out content day after day. I have the luxury of just uploading a video whenever I feel like it and it doesn’t affect my pocket one way or the other.

At the end of the day, their builds might not be perfect. But if it helps other people enjoy the game, then it’s done a good thing.

There is one thing though, if yall bigname youtubers if you reading this. Please stop putting “best this best that” in your damn titles, so annoying.


I like Killer Six and Chillfeed Gaming

Joltz is fun but his content/builds just aren’t really for me and Mox keeps making videos with modded gear that really annoys me. His excuse keeps being that people send it to him. I’m sure they do but you’d think he would verify stuff before posting videos of his “Godly Setup” and then later you find out 2-3 things are modded and it disappoints you.

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I never understood why the pressure to "keep producing content ". Why not just when you feel like it ?

Joltz is cool but hes the quintessential mini-maxer I hope I’ll never be. His best moze build is the typical constantly hop in and out of moze and spam something like the Scourge using Some for the Road and… that’s it. That’s his gameplay loop with moze .

I can’t do that man. Hell I cant even use a Blast Master meta build because I want to enjoy all guns and have fun doing it .

So I agree when you say his builds aren’t for me , but the guy puts his money where his mouth is by consistently beating true takedowns solo dozens of times across all VHs .

Another thing I like is he admits his mistakes when people point it out for him in the comments which is cool .

But absolutely the best BL players are here on this forum , by a long shot too

As others have said, no heat reduction for IB.

It would be nice if there were skills that reduced the amount of time you spent overheated/increased reload speed of hardpoints. It always feels like you spend more time cooling down than you do firing.

YouTube is the job and means of living for some of the big names.

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Briefly, because the YT algorithm kills your channel’s momentum if you don’t keep a consistent schedule.
This is also the reason why they rely massively on sent items and can’t study and test every interaction like it’s done here. There is simply no time to do everything if you want to keep pumping content. Joltz is also part of the BL stream team, I guess he has some schedule to keep up with also for them.

Also zKarmaa does a very good job imo; he almost only does item testing and droprate videos, and he is more solid than your average LOTTADAMAGE yotuber.


That’s because the majority of my videos are either weird or short demonstrations of things that I just drop like “well, this is a thing”. SpaceRobots’s channel is the home of our BearBear Takedown (whiiiich. We’re working on Doing it TTD style)

I just like that youtube is an easy host that is simply shareable without embedding anywhere.

But yeah, sometimes I bang my head against the wall at YouTuber gaffs. But some of them are starting to ask the right people for input :slight_smile:

Didn’t mean to imply it – you, @sammantixbb, @aaroncarrier, and Hugo are mostly posting videos to demonstrate concepts and whatnot. The only reason I started posting was because of the Takedown speedrun competition.


Me either to a degree. I pretty much never watch youtubers for most games, other than one’s that I know test things, but the problem I do have and the reason I don’t watch a lot of them is because they mislead people on purpose.

For example, the Moxsy video explicitly says things that are straight up false about CDR for Moze. Every word of it is completely fabricated and he doesn’t say “I think” or anything he just says “Here’s a fact” and doesn’t mention “That I made up with no research or testing whatsoever”

If they do it for a living you’d think they would put proper care into it instead of doing it strictly for the celebrity side of things. But whatever, different ethics I suppose. Not like it directly effects me, and I understand the amount of content these people put out it would be difficult to test everything. Wouldn’t hurt them to just google something before misleading 10’s of thousands of players.

@Prismatic has told me about ThiccfilA (has an account here I believe) on Youtube and I think he’s mostly a Zane player but he has some other stuff too. He researches stuff on the forums and discord and applies that information into his videos. Should be the standard, but he’s more of an exception.