Matches occasionally dont load (black screen) and cause an auto-lose and you lose mmr

Occasionally a match wont load properly, the screen goes black and you can see the watermark, the game doesnt crash nor does my computer hang, the match simply doesnt load. It kicks you back to the main UI, the queue button says TBD and then disappear. Your MMR isnt effected yet, but once you play another match even if you win, it reports it as an MMR loss from the last match. I am always the first to load matches so im pretty sure this is an engine bug and not my computer.

Also I know its alpha, but its very frustrating losing MMR like this because its like a -60 MMR hit, which is several hours of gameplay at higher MMR.

Depending on how long load takes, it may be a timeout problem. The engine auto-kicks users who are AFK, so you may have to do some button mashing during the black screen. The other likely alternative is that your connection gets interrupted during load in, which I think is something that will need to be accounted for in the future.

My computer loads matches (from full screen to LOADED confirmation) in less than 1 second, and my internet doesnt drop out like that. Its either a bug, a server issue, or the match collapsing because my opponent had issues (but gives them the win…)

Mine depends on the night (1s to a good 40), but I agree the error handling on this situation needs to be improved.