Matching grip vs. Off brand grip and other part based things

Before anything else, if you don’t know what parts do i highly suggest you go read this great guide by @VaultHunter101

Now as for the discussion topic, let’s debate matching grip vs off brand grip and other various parts.

I’ll preface this by saying jakobs, torgue, and dahl should always have a matching grip if possible

Valdof weapons with very high fire rate are better off with jakobs grips for increased damage imo.

They normally have good mag sizes, so matching grip doesn’t benefit in that area as much.
Jakobs grip increases damage, which some vladof weapons could do with a boost to
Yes jakobs grip decreases reload speed, but every character has at least 1 skill to help negate this

Hyperion guns especially can greatly benefit from bandit grips.

Hyperion grip decreases damage, which sucks
It also increases accuracy, which on Hyperion weapons is pretty much wasted.

Bandit grip increases mag size which is great.
Doesn’t decrease damage which is fantastic
They do decrease reload speed, but good Hyperion guns reload decently quick and as i said above all characters can at least partially combat this.

I know i didn’t cover everything, but that’s where this fantastic community comes in to play

PS. Stocks are also very debatable


So where do you stand on lyuda parts?

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Always want a Bandit grip on my Conference Call, or any other Hyperion shotgun I end up using. They benefit really heavily from the increased mag size due to the bonkers fire rate.


Do you mean “decrease”?

Other than that, I think you’ve nailed it. The only further debate is on RLs I think.

To clarify your statements on Jakobs guns : it increases mag size and reload speed most importantly - there are no Jakobs guns that don’t need this.

And on Dahl : adds an extra “x” bullets to the burst.

Torgue : could you be specific? Same as Jakobs right?

Edit : Dahl grip on pistols is my preferred - gives much improved stability.


Either vladof or bandit exhaust for me


I think we’re going to need a whole separate thread for RLs :joy:


Lmao No doubt

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Jakobs grip, dahl stock, damage prefix(groomky?)

My bad, yes that’s what i meant

Rocket launchers parts are pretty unknown to me.

I’ve never seen anyone suggest torgue over matching or bandit. I could be wrong.

Also i prefer bandit on Tediore weapons for the higher mag size.

This is interesting for sure. I could see bandit pistols benefiting.


How does that balance against the reduced reload though?


The two main users of Tediore weapons, krieg and axton, can easily negate the increased reload. The other 4 characters would be personally preference


I have a max tediore mag/dmg relic and a maxed veteran COM on Axton lol I might look for a bandit grip tediore SMG
Already 127 mag btw, one shots most enemies

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I look for Maliwan grips on most everything except Torgue and Jakobs weapons. My Vladof E-Tech Spiker, for example, has a Vladof grip for the fire rate.
I look for Vladof grips on assault rifles, but won’t say no to Bandit.

why do you prefer Maliwan grips on most items?

I prefer more elemental damage over the other stats, for better or worse.


For the right here right now, from what I’ve experimented and experienced during the first 50 levels and two playthroughs of Hyperion Allegiance Zer0, I find that it’s always best to match the grips with the brand’s line of guns.

I say this because while the grip does reduce damage the huge benefit from reload speed not only offsets that shortcoming, it is more valuable to the brand than base damage. Vladof aside, I find that Hyperion is the quintessential DPS brand (where they differ from Vladof is precision shooting over throwing as many lead as the clips contain downrange). They lend themselves more to a pure offensive, in-your-face playstyle as opposed to the raw power and long distance game to that of Jakobs. Plus you also get the benefit of a magazine size increase -it’s universal for any matching grip of any brand - without the Bandit grip’s reduction of reload speed which is a better deal.

Except that you get a horrendous reload speed with a Bandit grip. And unlike pistols or SMGs, the increase accuracy (of which it’s a lot) is actually beneficial to a lot of Hyperion SGs.

  • For example on the CC, you only increase your mag from 10 to 11. And that comes at the cost of a 1.2 second longer reload.
  • On some of the other big bore Hyperion SGs the Bandit grip might not even give you an extra shot.

You do know they only increase DoT chance, not DoT or impact damage?


It’s a Hyperion Shotgun. It gets loads of extra accuracy anyway, and the reload speed on the CC is pretty quick anyway, compared to a Bandit shotgun or something. And (although it may be due to other parts) I could swear I’ve had a 2-3 shot increase from a Bandit grip.

Comparing the grips

  • An increase of accuracy from 61.7 to 70.4, which is pretty respectable considering the percent of increased accuracy you’d need to get an increased base value like that. And I’m pretty sure it gets drastically more noticeable with the larger bore Hyperion SGs.
  • A Bandit SG with a Bandit grip reloads in 3.5 seconds, and a CC with a Bandit grip takes longer at 3.9 seconds. A Hyperion grip reloads in 2.7 seconds, which reloads at a multiplicative 45% faster.
  • The images I Googled only showed a 1 mag increase. The only reason that Bandit is even considerable is the damage increase, but I’ve personally never found it worth it on SGs.

Picks from the web


Yep :+1:

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I agree with this only on the pistols and SMG’s.

OffTopic: I’m uploading the Muck v Hawk Test on Axton. :wink: