Matching making for advance!

We need match making for advance! Specially for the Heliophage mission. The leveling is way to slow. 10 hours of play time and only level 9. so unless we can level much faster i would like to be able to do the missions to unlock one of the characters i want to play the most


I agree with you

In the AmA they did I believe they said they are going to implement matchmaking for advanced.

You should be able to customize what you’re looking for better. An advanced search setting that would include specific levels (you choose two levels you would want to play and it finds a game voting on at least one of those) if you want advanced, advanced hardcore, normal hardcore, unique characters on/off, you could even have it add type of players so you can find social players or serious organized players, players with mics, etc.

@isolladellafarfalla I understand what you are saying but I dont see GB doing it like that. The thing about it is that it segregate the matchmaking too much. With the nature of campaign matches going 25mins or longer with matchmaking so split it would make wait for matches much longer which ppl would bitch about and find un-enjoyable. Finally GB loves having a active community so if they can encourage ppl getting together online in forums or whatever to play they will do that.