Matching...This is a serious problem

Hi, I am using an Xbox…

I do not know why you did not let the INCURSION mode.

Friends are leaving battleborn…

It should have made it possible to select from a quick match.


I have a lot to say but I do not speak English well…


I don’t know how it is on Xbox as I’m on PS4, but my understanding is that the situation is similar; Incursion gets played close to all the time when players can choose between it and other game modes, making it substantially worse for those of is who prefer the other game modes. Battleborn PvP is more than just Incursion.

Again, don’t know how it’s on Xbox, but on the PS4 the draft queue is basically a guaranteed Incursion queue. I think on some level I had the most fun in draft as a whole since the update when I ran into @odiferous_hermit’s pre-made of three on my team as they always vote Meltdown. So I finally got to play my favourite game mode again. Not once. Not twice. Hell, I’m not sure how many Meltdown matches we got in a row!

Point is, that Quick Match is largely directed towards new trial players. The randomness of map selection allows them to experience all maps and modes.

If you want Incursion, go into Draft as you’ll be most likely to get it almost every single time unless you run/run into a pre-made who all votes for Meltdown. I understand if you don’t like the Drafting process, I’m sympathetic to the problem there.

Ideally, we’d have a seperate queue for each game mode & 2 seperate draft queues; one for Meltdown and one for Incrsuon. But the playerbase is sadly too low to barely muster the two we have at the moment.


…This is true on Steam PC also.

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That’s right and I agree. I like the draft mode, but it does not matching…

I would like to raise the frequency of INCURSION mode when randomly selected in quick matching mode.


The queu’ing system is just bad in general. It’s not like the Devs set out to make it bad and they clearly weren’t prepared for how poorly the game would be received and how low the player base turned out to be.

However, I wish they would adjust by making a secondary option that would kick you into “next available match in any queu” where after searching for a few minutes in your primary option, it would just put you into the next available PvP or PvE match depending on which one you selected, as those two populations often don’t overlap. It would be similar to what they are doing with the All Ops queu now.


Yes! I’m so piseed because I just want to play incursion and I can’t stand the other modes! Meltdown is not bad but I hate capture. I’ve been getting capture matches all day and I’m pissed off! This is maddening! I just want to play incursion!

I just played outback 3 times in a row. Stop it!


…I cringe each time capture maps get voted in Bots, almost pointless to play.


Agreed. It just doesn’t belong in this game.

I just Alt+F4 the instant capture gets voted.

No way in hell am I playing the most boring mode in the game.

I also hate Echelon, it seriously needs to be changed so it flows better.

Thank God there is no such thing as Capture Daily Quest, because, oh f**king no…


This has happened sooooo many times, you would think they know better by now…

Sorry, but this is in my opinion just rude. When Capture wins the vote, that means most people playing in this session want to play that mode. By ragequitting, you basically tell them to f*** off, because only your preference is the most important one.

Do you really expect them to smile whenever they queue up and are forced to play Incursion almost all the time or should they Alt+F4 too every time and ruin even more matches before they begin?


I’ll be frank. I generally don’t care whether incursion or meltdown gets picked, I prefer MD overall but I will play any map in those two modes regardless.

Capture is the one I will not allow myself to play, since it is unbelievably dull. It’s also the only mode where you can’t even do your dailies properly depending on which you get.

I will not subject myself to Capture.

I immediately switch to Civ 5 once Capture is voted.

I may have played 171 games of capture, but that’s because all 5 players had Loot Boosters, we were playing it only so we can play another match faster for the loot.

Capture is a waste of my time, which I will gladly offer my time elsewhere if it’s forced upon me.

So ruining 4-9 other people’s experiences because you didn’t get your way is a-okay. Gotcha.

Thank goodness there are very few other people who think like you, or else this would turn into dodge-born. Just as you don’t want to play the mode other people do, they may not want to play the mode you want to. Suddenly a player has left matchmaking, and you’ve been booted back to queue. Might as well fire up Civ while you wait, cause you’re gonna be waiting for a loooooong time.


I’d also wish that we had a stable enough playerbase and could get gamemode choice back, but we don’t.

Sorry that I sometimes want to play Capture, because I only could play it for something like 5 times (outside Bots) in my whole career. I’m honestly a little annoyed by people who ruin games on purpose, just because they lose a vote. I know that I’m not the center of the universe and I play any mode (I pick no preference, because that’s the only way I know I’m not responsible for making people leave because of their self-righteousness), but I really don’t like when people just throw games that often. During the weekend, Capture was the mode that consistently got 0 votes in my games. It doesn’t happen that often, give the people who want to at least try it a chance, or go to draft.

If all the people who complain all the time about Capture and Face Off would just go there, the queue wouldn’t be dead.


I do capture personally in bots battles when i need to lvl up a brand new hero’s mutations (command rank) quickly. 4 Minute game - no fuss or muss. Everyone has their own reasons to picking a game mode

Now you know why the PVE playerbase is so low… :smirk:


Along with the other issues of disconnects and other bugs prior to the update that made progress near impossible?

Yea, I know why. It’s putting an anvil on an already broken scale.

Oh, thank god I am not one the few complanning, all my friends that play battleborn ( 8 lads ) left the game for the same reason.

Imagine how many thousands got frustrated and left for the same reason as well. !

The F2P Model washes a lot of whiners and kids into the matching pool. Played a lot today and only one game was enjoyable, but still people left on both sides. Mostly if people can stomp, they do and try to taunt, to cover their mental disorders, but as soon as they are on the losing end, they leave or worse give up. It is so tedious…

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This issue really is sad to me because I admit I ignored Battleborn when it first released. I was caught up in the Overwatch hype and still enjoy it immensely, but thought I’d try this for a change of pace. I played Battleborn for the first time last weekend and loved everything I saw. Played through the Story prologue and was immediately sold. It has plenty of design ideas and differences to stand on it’s own apart from Overwatch & Paladins at least for my interest, so I found the full game on sale and didn’t hesitate to pick it up.

I’ve spent hours every day since just trying to get in to a single PVP match with no luck. I can get in to a match with people vs bots within 10 minutes, but that just feels like basic training mode. I can’t comprehend why most people would want to play that more than a couple times to learn the basics over playing a real PVP match. Bot AI will never compete with the fun of going against other players, but somehow that seems like the only mode people still play?

Very disappointing to see another fun game in such a sad state regardless of the reasons or game mode preference of players. :disappointed: