[Matchmaking] A challenge and a suggestion!

I’ve often seen it said that Battleborn will suffer without a large playerbase, but is this true? I have to challenge that it is. I don’t think it is at all. In fact, you could actually have a much smaller base of players and still have a functional game.

The reason I feel this way is because back when the Internet was new, games had smaller communities and they did just fine. Quake didn’t even have the amount of people playing it that Battleborn does, if you look at the numbers. And yet it did fine. I believe tha the only issue lies with the handling of the matchmaking.

I think that instead of looking for random people to join a game, there should be a system of lobbies not unlike old shooters. You can set up a name, and a description. These ‘rooms’ can then be browsed by potential players. There’s a chat, there (either text or voice) so you can get to know if you’d mesh well with the other players there and discuss tactics.

Each player would have a ‘GO’ button. When everyone hits their respective button, it teams them up with another room where everyone has done the same. They then proceed to a match. I think this is all that’s needed to fix the incorrectly perceived population problem. What of anyone who might troll, though? Just have a voting system to kick them out, again much like the old shooters. The thing is? Those shooters had that system of rooms in a lobby for a reason, it was to actually counter this problem.

You could even separate the lobbies into sections like beginner / intermediate / advanced and so on.

As I see it, Battleborn actually has a matchmaking system meant for a contemporary, large game. That’s, perhaps, not the best idea? I don’t know, really. I’m not some all knowing creature, but it seems to me like those older systems worked with much smaller player bases. And if they could work there, then couldn’t they work here, too?

I want to open this up for discussion. I’m likely not going to reply much (I’m a big, anxious baby as it is), but I want to know what people think about this. It is a suggestion, it’s not something that I’m demanding or something that I even think is right. I may very well have missed important parts of the puzzle which have left me all wrong-faced and confused, that’s all too probable. And simiarly, the point of this is as a challenge to conventional thought patterns.

Instead of complaining about the population, let’s talk about where the real problem may be and how to fix it.

So… You, you there. What do you think? I am actually super interested in hearing opinions, here. And especially from those who have experience with both older shooters that had smaller communities, and modern shooters that have huge ones. That’d be really helpful!

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Sounds similar to Blizzards Group Finder feature in World of Warcraft(which would be great to have in BB). I’d be happy with a chat lobby first.