MAtchmaking and Forfeiting: Do you want me to stop playing?


what the crap has happened? The past couple of days I have to wait at least 5-10 minutes before I can play a game. If you find it that hard to pair players, don’t make Multiplayer games. Also, 90% of the games end in a forfeit (After 5 minutes… WTF!?) or start with only 4 players because some guy disconnects when someone else picked ‘his’ character.

This all results in 1 nice game in 3 hours. The rest where games under 10 minutes, disconnecting players and huge waiting times. I honestly grabbed a book to read when the game is searching for teammates.

If I knew Matchmaking and forfeiting would be like this, I would not have made a pre-order. What do you guys think?

I played 9 games to the end in about 2 hours last night :smile:

9 full games x 30 min/game=270 Minutes=4 hours & 30 minutes??

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haha, got him there lol.[quote=“poker.vriend, post:1, topic:1477104”]
What do you guys think?

i think it really is usually a matchmaking issue more than anything. obviously right now it is a new character issue, but it happens quite a bit prior to the new character. i think if you are playing by yourself and they put you against a full team of 5, leaving the game or surrendering is kind of to be expected. i have never understood why full teams get mad when it happens. it almost seems like they expect you to sit there and get farmed

I’d say it happens once every ten missions where the team I’m on gets smoked. It’s frustrating watching your teamates bail or stand on their opening pod until the game is over.

I’m not super worried about surrendering, as in my experience, it’s just less XP for less time played. Then I’m off to matchmaking for another (hopefully lengthy) game. I do hope they add XP bonuses for the winners of surrendered maps, as well as the ability to join matches in progress.

It’s the matchmaking that’s been killing my enjoyment of the game lately. Over the last three days, I’ve spent roughly three hours in matchmaking, but have only played 2 games. It’s a super obnoxious waste of time, and I’m not really certain how Gearbox is still letting it be an issue.

I’m at the point where despite the new character and upcoming content, as well as my love for Gearbox and the game, I might just shelve it until their weekly/monthly patches sort out matchmaking completely.

i wholeheartedly agree. they deserve the xp, both character and cr. but the solo player also deserves the right to move onto a more balanced game against other solo players. i have played at least 30 or so games in premades and i never once bash the other team for backing out or surrendering right away. but when i am solo and do it, i get tons of hate mail from the other team saying im scared or a noob. i wish there was moderation on the game like there is in the forum @Derch lol

The main problem imo is that the avarage game with all the forfeiting is about 10 mins. I have to wait at least the same time before I’m in a new match. That’s total crap. I just played another 70 mins. Effective play time was 30 minutes. I honestly think Gearbox just has no idea how to make a decent matchmaking. I mean, it’s not the sort of thing that developers usually need to pacth after a month. They are in over their heads and I am affraid it will not be solved at all. I guess I’ll give the game another two weeks and stop recommending it to my friends:( Too bad, it could have been a top game.

Except if it’s capture mode. 9x15 = 2h15, which is “about 2h” indeed.

I played capture once; I didn’t know that it was only 15 minutes long! Learn something new everyday.

That sucks. I’ve been pretty lucky on PS4. Most matches go all the way. Except one yesterday when I domed some guy playing Orendi with my incendiary grenade and he immediately left and then the team forfeited. Pretty funny.

Except for Meltdown and Incursion can be won before the time runs out.

Yes, true, but winning in 15 minutes consistently can be a bit hard without early surrender. Especially now that Incursion mdoe is no longer as snowbally as before.