Matchmaking and Online Play

Hey - I haven’t played in a while. Got to level 60 and have been trying to play with others in proving grounds and takedown but it doesn’t look like anyone plays online anymore. Is that the case?

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hell yeah, lets talk about my favorite, lost in mayhem, feature.

every since M2.0 kicked in, people dont seem to care about matchmaking anymore because of the levels and the 10 mayhem variables, and THEN, the mayhem rolls.

imagine matching with a player who has rolled “enemies are inmune to cryo”, and he has a cryo build. Waste of time, either quits or has to wait for re-rolls.

It just aint worth the bother and wait, knowing the odds. Puh-LEASE g’box, do something about this, i love joining randoms.


Thanks so much for that insight! Makes total sense why the feature died. That’s a huge bummer.

In my case I avoid the slaughters and trials because they’re virtually unplayable with multiple players and elemental modifiers taxing the game’s performance. Takedowns aren’t much better.

Probably not an issue on PC, but on the older consoles it’s pretty much game breaking.

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Yea - sounds like gearbox didn’t put alot of thought into multi-player and mayhem. Shame.

Not even mentioning the 22 different lobby options for matchmaking, Mayhem 0-10 normal mode and Mayhem 0-10 TVHM. If you are on TVHM M10, it won’t pair you with someone on M10 on normal mode, or someone on M9 in TVHM.

It’s a most efficient matchmaking system IMO.

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I’ll second everyone either:

You can’t find a match
Everyone nails out on matches once they see the modifiers. Floor is lava and any elemental immunity seem to guarantee people leaving.

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its efficient at separating players by preferences, but if there’s not many players who use matchmaking because of such preferences and knowing what they will end up with (bad matches, high MH weapons on low MH mode, weird modifiers), it just ain’t working.

Before mayhem 2.0 (how many times did i write these words in the forum omg…) there was 2 logical matches, always in TVHM:
Mayhem 1, or mayhem 4.
And that just worked. I was happy in M1, matching with cool people. (and a… seriously quiet fl4k.)

whatever fix they do for this, i hope it does just that: guide players to a logical, best-settings matchmaking. Or just, show the server settings, lmao.


BL2 had a server browser, it worked. Server browsers always have worked and always will. Give us a list of open games, the Mayhem level that are playing on and active mission.

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Yea but it could be a little bit more flexible. I could be playing MH 5 for fun but perfectly willing to jump into a MH 10.

The modifiers are really what needs to be worked out. I played with the floor is lava…miserable

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Hah. And now its “fixed”! Before it, even the fire DoT counted as being in a fight so it would stick around for another minut.
And god forbid you, if you took some self damage for any reason while exploring.

Always liked that system and thought they would of brought it over for bl3 such a shame they didn’t :confused: