Matchmaking and other Hot Topics

Heya fellow Battleborn,

Here I want to share a few of my ideas how to enhance the gaming experience for a lot of people by doing a few easy steps.
I know people are crying about the matchmaking a lot - and yes, there are unfair matches at times. Still I feel like people don’t go into games with the proper mindset after seeing the teams put up.
One very simple step to avoid that would be by just hiding the command level of anyone that is not in ones own premade. I would also encourage to hide the “premade-bar” on the right side.
I have played both soloQ and in premades. Beaten many, lost many. It happens.
I think this would already help since you would go into a match with a whole different mindset, no matter how your or the enemy team is set-up.

Also - while we’re at it, I want to discuss the surrender option.
I like to think that we need changes to that, be it that it is enabled later, removed completely or something. I would not like to see it removed completely, BUT it would be better than what it is right now. People are surrendering because they don’t feel like trying to fight back? I’ve had enemies surrender on meltdown when it was 175 - 125 and when the kills were around 9 - 6 or something.

Another topic a lot of people will agree with (I think) are the leavers. We need some sort of proper leaver-buster. I’d have a system in mind that would work like the one that is in CS:GO.

Something else that I’d like to see is just having the MP maps randomized. Having them by vote is just very frustrating especially for newer players, as they won’t experience the second map of either Meltdown or Incursion, seeing how most people vote for Paradise/Overgrowth.

tell me what you think people, I’m always happy to discuss this with you.

Over and Out,

EDIT: Yes, I copied this straight from my Steam Discussion post, as some friends of mine told me devs never read those and I wanted to make my words heard. :blush: