Matchmaking balancing and game mechanics

You guys need to do a better job of matchmaking players. I am constantly getting thrown in with players who do not understand the aspect of the game. They feed the other team and we get crushed. I’m sick of having noobs on my team. Better balancing is much needed. Also, do something about marquis on incursion, people use him on the stairs in overgrowth and barely poke his head out but get kills like crazy that way and you can’t even hit him. Pretty cheap tactic in my opinion that needs to be corrected. I also shouldn’t be getting pinned into a wall by an enemy with no way to escape. Opposing players should be able to ghost through each other to avoid cheap blocking tactics.

I just had a wonderful match. My team were levels 43, 47, 11, 15, & 4. The other team were levels 100, 100, 78, 48 & 48. Thanks matchmaker! I love how during the beta they told us the matchmaking wasn’t fair cause the program wasn’t on, but it would be in the release.

I agree with almost everything you said except this

You have a way to escape, every character has a knockback on their quick melee attack. Body blocking is a good way to keep an enemy from escaping and locking down a kill, it’s part of the game. You need to be aware of your surroundings, not get backed into a corner in the first place and use that melee liberally. Punch and run.

Matchmaking isn’t based on Command levels. You knew that right? In a month or two everyone will be 100 so none of this will matter anyway.

I didn’t realize my quick melee also acted as a knockback. Thanks for the tip. As far as knowing my surroundings go, I am very aware of where I am at all times. Lots of LOL experience. When I am jumping towards a set of stairs and have a much larger champion collide with me mid air however and put me into the corner of the stairs and the wall, that has nothing to do with knowing my surroundings, that has everything to do with bad mechanics, because you become trapped. At least let the champions jump high enough to be able to avoid using those stairs inside the buildings by the health station.

It’s sure as hell isn’t based on skill! I rarely get a close game, we either destroy the other team or they destroy us.

It’s supposed to be based on a hidden ELO system but I don’t think there are enough players to properly match according to ELO. I’ve been teamed with Command level 2 and Command level 60-90 on the same team and there is no way a Command level 2 player built up any ELO to make a difference. And I win 70% of my games.

I think if the games population increases a bit more we may see better matchmaking based on “skill”.

I do this a lot on Meltdown with Deande lol, cloak then Burst Dash enemy into corner, they’re like WTF and I’m like HII! Then I kills them dead :slight_smile:

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population ain’t gonna increase til a drastic sale hits

pop is dropping like crazy

grind isn’t addictive and the story is a bunch of unnecessarily long horde modes that end with an overly difficult objective for negligible benefit and high chances of wasting your time

gbox is too focused on making sure the hardcore players aren’t “finishing the game” and leaving everyone else to burnout or just get bored

There is absolutely no skill when it comes to body blocking someone into a corner, especially with the way the maps are designed. Sorry, but that’s just crappy game mechanics. When a smaller sized character gets blocked into an unescapable corner such as the one I described, or gets bodied into a corner like you described, there is really no skill in that tactic. Go look at your other MOBA’s and you won’t see that; they are a lot more skill based (i.e. talents for ice walls or rock walls to cut off/block opponents), and the maps don’t put you in a position to get blocked into a corner without the ability to escape (i.e. ghost, flash escape talents on cooldown). The maps are poorly designed with a basic single lane aspect. On overgrowth there are only 2 exit points at each turret (outside before the turret, or through a building) and the middle is a giant circle with few obstacles for cover, and many points to get choked into (i.e. middle mercenary camp and giant shard crystals). If they are going to design maps that way and allow “body blocking” they need to incorporate some form of an escape move, such as flash. It’s a pretty simple concept that all other MOBA’s have incorporated and Battleborn needs a lot of work to really make this a MOBA.

Until I see a detailed explanation on how the ELO system is SUPPOSED to work I’m of the belief that it doesn’t really exist. I’ve seen niche games with much smaller populations than this do matchmaking much better. It doesn’t take over a month to match people who’ve already been playing for tens of hours with other people who’ve been playing for tens of hours.