Matchmaking Broken

So I play on Xbox One and after a full 2 days of playing a good amount it feels like matchmaking is pretty broken. The reason why I say this is it feels like it groups by your level range, and then puts you against a different team double and triple what your team level is. Literally every game I queue for has everyone on my team is like level 10 and under (sometimes there would be one level 20 something in there). Whereas, the opposing team would all be level 25 plus. Now perhaps this is all chance and I’m the unluckiest person alive. When you look at all the active mods my team would be all white, green, and blue. Opposing team would be all purple and orange.

It’s super discouraging to play 20 games and win 2. Now let’s say I’m just super terrible at games. Ok. Is this game so finely balanced that if you have 1 bad player it’s already done for your team? If so then ok I’m causing every team loss. Now I’m not bad, not amazing, but not bad. One player shouldn’t be the deciding factor in so many games. When I say a 2 in 20 win loss ratio that’s not an exaggeration. When I say almost EVERY game I play is my team level 10 and under vs an avg of level 30 players. I’m not one to vent on forums about balancing, but wow.

Do devs watch these forums? This is a serious issue… Yeah I’m hooked for the 60.00 I spent, but by no means do I want to keep playing a game that favors people at a high level over low level players.

I really hope they rethink the matchmaking. I can’t recommend this game to anyone with the current system. I mean the game revolves around unlocking content by ranking up and putting time in. So when I keep getting consistently matched up against people who are 20-60 ranks higher then me its quite demoralizing.

Not saying you can’t still compete, but knowing that the enemy team has significantly more time played and significantly more unlocks(gear,champs,talents) it makes you wonder what the point is.

I guess you could go grind up through PvE but I bought this game looking for an awesome competitive PvP shooter with an interesting new take on the formula.

The current matchmaking system does not feel competitive at all.

Matchmaking isn’t broken, it is completely ■■■■■■ up. It’s maybe the most terrible matchmaking ever. They could have thought of 30 ways of making it better, but they chose the worst one. I think 85% of the games end in Forfeit.

Edit: I am usually not much of a complainer, but I honestly think the developers should be fired. I can’t remember having such a terrible matchmaking system. If it was my money, I would fire them on the spot.


It’s really simple. GBX should just hide the command ranks of all players (except for your friends). Because they don’t mean anything. This might finally make people go into the match and actually try to win instead of just giving up before match has even began. Teamwork > Comman rank by orders of magnitude.

Sorry but the Win / Loss ratio I had is more than bad luck. Literally 2 in 20. If you say a level 60 person with all orange mods isn’t better than 99% of the level 5 players out there, then you’re wrong.

Why post something that totally isn’t relevant. There are multiple threads out there stating Matchmaking is broken.

Who runs all orange mods? The time it takes to activate those is just beyond viable. Also that takes a lot of resources from the team which could be used for putting turrets, healing stations and similar stuff…you know the actual things that make especially beginning of the match more useful for the team.

That being said, Battleborn is really complex game where actual map placement and minimap reading is much more important than aiming. So a lvl 5 person most likely will be somewhat worse than player who put in the time to reach lvl 60. Only because the latter will have more time spent trying to understand the game. However, I would argue that lvl 15 player most likely will be better than a lvl 60 one will all orange gear, who just hoards shards from the team.
And all that being said, this all does not matter. The team that has better coordination - wins most of the time, not the players with highest command rank.

And as for relativity…all these threads about matchmaking usually boil down to two things. First, is premades vs random pubs - which is a problem. And second one can be summed up into “my team avg command rank is x lower than enemy team”, which is completely irrelevant. And it only shows that person pays too much attention to that. Which also in most cases inclines that such person might not be trying to put 100% of effort into match and he looses because of that, not because of command rank difference. Self proclaiming prophecy if you will. Hence, why hiding the command rank would actually help such people to have better matches.

So 2 in 20 win loss is expected and rank has nothing to do with the reason that we lost. It’s all someone “giving up”? Because I assure you I wanted the XP I could get from loosing every time. Your logic doesn’t make any sense at all.

PS. How the F is a new person supposed to learn a game that is so “Complex” as you say, and win, against people 3 times their level. If that has no meaning, then why can’t everyone grasp this “complex” game out of the box? I’m not saying that it’s not complex, it is. I’m saying that if you’ve been playing the game for 200 hours, and someone has been playing for 8 the skill cap is going to be VASTLY different.

Again. Your arguments don’t make sense and I honestly think you’re posting to troll a topic that many are posting about.

So you want to say that all those 18 losses where predetermined by mm? And you and your team played flawlessly, had good team composition for map/mode and still lost, cause the other team was so much better?
It is still a relatively small sample, but either you are one of the unluckiest people alive or there are other reasons for the losses apart from mm.

So by your logic a team of people playing at level 5 can beat a team of level 40 players, any day of the week. No issues, should be fair and square. The team that has an avg of 5-8 hours played can throw a wallup on the team with the avg 200 hours played. No issues at all? Right? Just to make sure I’m on your level here.

Oh boy…so you boiled down everything I said before to one dumb question…ok…let’s have it your way:
If lvl 5 team is playing like a team and lvl 40 are chasing kills - yes
If lvl 40 team actually reached that level playing story and lvl 5 in pvp - yes
If those lvl 5 actually spend like hundred of hours in private pvp/open beta/ctt or any other not-command-rank-counted “mode” - yes
If lvl 5 team chooses a really good team composition for map/mode and lvl 40 just plays what they like - yes
And many other "ifs"which I’m too tired to point out.
All in all, Command rank is only measure of time spent in game, not player skill. And matching players only by time spent is crazy and it will be getting worse and worse as time passes.

P.S. I can bet that if you would go to story mode and grind to rank 100 and then comeback to pvp, you will be curb-stomped until no end, because during that time the general public would have learned some much in how to play pvp, that you would be way behind them.

All that does is hide the problem. What the game needs is ranked match making, which we know they already have developed and ready to go. 4/5ths of my Incursion matches end without one team doing a single point of damage to the enemy sentry. Don’t be an apologist for bad mechanics just because you like the game. This is clear deficiency that GBX needs to solve without just trying to hide the problem and pretending it doesn’t exist.

I’ll also point out that I’m not surprised about @shawnrgray’s 2 in 20 win rate. Last weekend I had a 9 game losing streak and probably was about 4 or 5 in 20 and I consider myself a pretty average player. Over the span of 20 games you should find a bit more than 2 where your team can carry you even if you’re not that great. Nobody likes to lose 80% of their matches and nobody likes to win most of their matches without a serious challenge. People want close, fair matches. IMHO that’s the main problem with this game at the moment.

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My point is level 40s don’t need to kill chase because they’re already being matched against a team of level 5s. It should be coded for teams to be equally matched. Right now with how it is, new players get put in groups of equally low levels (it appears), then high level groups are match against them. EVERY TIME. It’s crazy. If you don’t see that as a problem then you must be one of the players stomping on noobs and reaping the rewards.

Well that’s partly what I go for. Hiding Command rank would hide the problem from people who judge the fairness of the match only by command rank. It would not hide the imbalance statistics from GBX and we all know - they love statistics.

I’m not saying that GBX should not work on mm. I for example think that if the mm would pick 10 players and then try to create 2 balanced teams from this pool - it could do it much better than how now it looks to first pick team and only then match it against another formed team (maybe I don’t understand how it works now, but that’s my how I guess it works atm). Also, 4-5 people premades should not be fighting solo players. However, I really grow tired of these threads where people are complaining that enemy team has 2 or 3 or even 4 times higher command rankings. Because rank is really bad approximation of skill. And Especially if you talk about let’s say lvl 15 and above. Also, I believe this just brings noise that skews the actual situation.

Hiding it isn’t the solution. I checked my stats just now. 34 loss 4 wins. That’s a broken system all day long. It’s not fun. This game has the potential to be amazing. Right now it’s broken for the newbies and it’s flat out is poor development. I hope that the devs do see this. If I could get my money back I would in a heartbeat.

Wait. So after almost 40 games you still think that MM is the reason for such track record?
I mean, it’s possible since that’s still a small sample…but still…if this was my results, I would care about mm the least.

Ok so one player will always cause a team to lose? If so then I must be really effen terrible and every team I play on will be doomed to fail. By your logic.


thats not true, ranks mean more experience, so, better players, more battleborns to choose from and create a better balanced team, also, it means BETTER GEAR and more mutationts options.

If ranks means nothing, why the hell 90% of the games are won by the team that got 6x 4x 3x ranks vs 10, 12 05? that is not an opinion is a fact, i can’t remember a single won game that we got a clear rank disavantage.