Matchmaking bug: Same player 7 times in a row

I am trying to use the matchmaking for campaign, and i have been matched 7 times in a row with the same player. Which then followed to kick me out.

Is there a way to add a “party selector”, like in borderlands 2, where i could see the name of the host and their current mission, so that i won’t be matched with the same player every time?
I looked on the forums, but there doesn’t seem to be something like this available right now. Is there a desire to add one? If there is no desire at the moment, please count this thread as a vote for adding that functionality. I believe it would make finding parties with multiple people easier.

Thanks for considering this.

Annoying thing: after 20 minutes of playing solo (hoping someone would join me), I search again for a party and i’m placed again with the same player.

This is totally uncool.