Matchmaking Change is hurting the game

Hey there,

I believe that the new matchmaking setup is nice; however, it has effectively destroyed the fun of the game for myself and a few friends.

How to fix it?

It would be perfect if upon clicking “Versus Public” it took you to another menu with “Spotlight,” “Casual,” and “Competitive;” and then, upon choosing “Casual” or “Competitve” it took you to another menu with all three game modes like it used to. Select your mode, vote for one of the maps, or no preference, and be on your way!

Reasons why I believe this would be the most effective method for playing?

  1. I roll lone wolf and don’t care much for incursion, but everyone else does and votes thusly.
  2. I have ~20min to play and want to hit capture. See #1
  3. I love Meltdown and could play it all day so I vote for it. See #1

Essentially the choice of what I want to do on an $80 game has been removed. While I enjoy Spotlight and Competitve mode and fully agree that they were much needed additions; I feel as if they have destroyed more than they have “fixed.”

Thanks for your time and I hope this change is implemented so I may fully, and frustration free, enjoy this magnificent game!

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