Matchmaking changes?

Ok seeing as your latest battleplan was really appalling I felt a need to whine even more about horrible matchmaking. So I have started battleborn and it was fun and I got to the point when I enjoy 1 out of 10 games. First of all 2 of my last games started with NOT ENOUGH PLAYERS, in 99 out 100 ocassions the disadvantaged team will lose, so whats the point in that? I immediately lose fun when I see that. Another issue is that you have to wait about 3-4 minutes just picking the map, picking characters, joing the game and realising there is not enough players. Honestly you can do better than that. The most riddicolous thing is that you need to start matchmaking all over again, I mean why cant you keep those 7-8 people and wait for the rest? Not to mentions playing against level 100’s with newcomers. ( This has been discussed in many topics so I will leave it there). Finally where is there no chat in a game which is based around team work!!! Less than 10% of players actually use microphones. I am starting to understand people claiming they are going back to Overwatch or any other pvp games because pvp at it current state really sucks.

Well i always run into this issue especially on incursion people would join and because they picked the other map to other growth they quit the game

Another thing is people will rage quit if bad players feeding the other team or just bad in general at the moba aspect of incursion and melt down… there need to be a tutorial to even be able to join incursion or meltdown … as players still treating it at team death match… also characters in pvp need to be sectioned out so players knows who are the healers, tanks, pushers , assassins etc (would stop a lot of combat mikos)

The whole pvp section is in a very bad spot which is turning players to go back to other games as u are severly punish if players quit

They really need to focus on the pvp side and change how things work… because if things stay as they are now … in about a month or 2 there be barely any players to even pvp with which im currently in fear of

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