Matchmaking Consistently Failing to Connect to Servers

So virtually all PvP players on PS4 probably knows this is an issue by now. But just in case this hasn’t been brought up yet; Matchmaking consistently fails to connect to servers for seemingly random players in most (not all) instances).

I haven’t tried matchmaking in PvE, but I would assume there are similar results.

I was going to make this post last week since this actually started back then, but it was seemingly fixed the next day. However, now it’s an issue again.

Private Matchmaking Disconnects
15th of June

Disconnect Time Stamps


Public Matchmaking Disconnects
22nd of June

Disconnect Time Stamps


I’ve already submitted a support ticket. For anyone else who are experiencing similar issues who’d like to submit one as well (or indeed any other issue) can do so at


My friends and I on xbox were experiencing the same issue last night. After voting was done and map was loading, lobby would crash.

Edit: I just submitted a ticket, as well.

Same issue here i just bought the game a couple days ago and love it and when i decided i was ready for pvp i can not get passed the select map screen and then somebody in lobby looses connection. If you wpuld prefer the pve part works fine enough usually but the long wait times is a killer on the mood.

Glad to hear about somebody new picking up the game! When there have been bugs in the past, they have gotten ironed out pretty quickly. Keep the faith! :+1:

Maybe not related at all, but we had a problem on PC since ages that people randomly were kicked from the lobby in private matches when some people were hosting (I think sarcasta even had a thread on the forum about that). Usually always was solved by changing host to someone else. Not really sure what the issue was, can’t possibly related to the connection quality of the host because I usually was one of the few who could set up a lobby despite having one of the crappiest connections.

There was many disconnects in pubs on PS4 when I played on there during the last week or so, but it’s hard to tell who was just kicked out or who dodged friend/foe/gamemode.

Can confirm, I’ve had 8 disconnects in a row before giving up. Always right at the point the map has been confirmed.

The servers have been heavily problematic since the “maintenance” but the game has been unplayable for 2 days.

I found that this happens to me way too often, it should be fixed as soon as possible. I’m so bored without Battleborn right now. (Mostly Ambra)

@MereAtGBX @JoeKGBX This has been a big problem the last couple of weeks so I thought I’d tag you :slight_smile:


Also submitted a ticket, with this being ongoing for what a week or more? With no word on a fix or even acknowledgement of a problem does not bode well…

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This is my biggest issue with it.

I can understand that servers can act strangely at times, but the lack of response is more upsetting than the actual servers.

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Hey all, I’ll contact the team about this. In the meantime, if you’re still experiencing the issue, and you haven’t submitted a ticket at, please do so. That’s the most reliable way to contact us about an issue, and it helps us track what everyone is experiencing.


Does the problem occur in private as well as public? Are 10s still a possibility?

Hey everyone,

According to the team, this issue is now resolved. If you continue to experience this issue, please submit a ticket at

Thanks for your patience!


Thanks for the fast fix guys :slight_smile:

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