Matchmaking crashing on The Pre Sequel

I recently purchased a digital copy of The Handsome Collection for Xbox One and started a new game on the Pre Sequel. Whenever I try connecting to matchmaking, the game crashes and boots me back to the dashboard. Not playing with friends, just looking to join a random online game as a solo player.

I have been looking into this and have seen that other players have had the same issue for some time. I have tried restarting my Xbox, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, even had my solo game set to open but nobody has joined. I get that it is an old game there probably aren’t many people playing anymore, most people who own the collection seem to be on Borderlands 2, but I enjoy playing as Clap Trap too much. I had the game before on PS4 previously and never had any issues. I am I right in thinking that I am just never going to be able to play it online on Xbox One?

You should be able to play on-line on XB1. The match-making can just be a bit funky at times.

Just to clarify one thing though: when you say “crashing” do you mean an actual crash, or just the connection timing out? (Big difference between those things!). If it’s a hard crash and the game completely quits, it’s likely that the download got interrupted and the game isn’t fully installed yet. Check it through the “Games & Apps” pane and hit “download again” to see if that triggers any further downloading - it’s a big download!

There’s still folks playing on XB1 (although I’m personally not playing as much right now due to other games) so hopefully you can find some people to run through the story and DLCs with.

Pretty sure its not a timeout issue. The game doesn’t even complete the matchmaking search before freezing and returning me to the Xbox dashboard.

As I said, I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Pretty sure nothing happened to interrupt the download the two times I’ve tried it now. When you say its a big download, how big are we talking? Currently, TPS takes up 13.9GB on my Xbox.

For BL2, a common issue is that you’ll see the “Joining…” dialog come up. It’ll fail after about 30 seconds and warn you to check your network settings, but you’re still in the game. I’ve never had that issue on TPS, although I don’t play that quite as much. A complete crash is bad.

Mine is reporting version at 13.8 GB for the digital purchase. I think I was thinking of BL2, which is much larger (23.3 GB for version

At this point, unless you’re seeing something listed under either “Downloads” or “Updates” when you view the game details, i’m not sure what the issue is. Hopefully the folks at the support desk will know though:

I know this post is old, but did you ever figure this out? This exactly what my problem is. When I enter matchmaking it crashes and returns to the dashboard. When I choose quickmatch it will Attempt to search then crashes again. The game is completely installed and yes, others join my game, I can play anything solo. Everything else is fine. It’s just odd. The only answer I ever get is to shut down or reinstall; like I haven’t done that a million times. Oy.

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If someone on your friend’s list is playing (so that their game and tag show up in the main in-game menu screen) are you able to join their game simply by selecting it on that screen?

When you hit the options button to pull up your current network settings, can you change between local only, friends only, etc., and start without crashing?

Have you tried a full power reset (pull the plug from the wall and wait for the light on the PSU to go out)?

I’m also having this problem I connect with BL2 just fine. But matchmaking in pre sequel always crashes. No alerts. No messages of any kind. Just booted out to the dashboard.

I’d suggest using the link a few posts up to contact the support crew directly.