Matchmaking, dead game already

I’m a solo player besides playing with my kids, Co-op on the same system is so buggy we all know that. My son convinced me to get a headset. Tried to go online to play with somebody. Nobody plays this game anymore! Wtf! Dead already? Can’t find a match on m4. I’m sad, I love the borderlands series I bought a separate Xbox just for this game. And it’s dead already. Short dlc. Next one is probably gonna be short. I already paid for it so woopie. Wtf . I pre-ordered all the content so that’s like I’m giving you a loan. And I get? Dead game. I understand that you’re trying to fund your new game. Nobody is gonna buy it, gearbox is a red flag. Get your strategy right. Gonna bankrupt the company and ask the good people that work there, with kids and families, gonna be jobless. Hire some talent. Or just fold

I think most people play on nvhm mayhem 4 as there’s not alot of point in playing tvhm. That’s where I’ve found the most success anyways. Hope this helps smiley:

Once you turn on Mayhem, there’s little to no difference between NVHM and TVHM. I know a lot of people simply turned mayhem mode on, hit level cap in NVHM/Mx, and never toughed TVHM.

So, as suggested above, don’t bother looking for TVHM - it’s basically optional in this game.

The other suggestion: hit the on-line play section or join one of the Borderlands Communities on XBox. You’ll likely find it easier to link up with folks who can play on a regular or semi-regular basis that way, and you’ll avoid some of the worst excesses of random matchmaking.

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Thanks for your positivity. What you said is well known and the commonality. That’s where I play also

I don’t play on tvhm nobody does

What is the difference between TVHM and NVHM? Tried to find a team on normal - nobody. Then decided to complete TVHM - still nobody at the end. Feels like nobody plays BL3 on XBOX or everyone solo.

Tvhm you get buffs for elemental matching and slight resistance for not. Nobody plays it. It’s not more difficult. Easier if your a veteran player

Dead game. Add me I’ll run some maps with you