Matchmaking Desparity

So let me just start out with: I’ve never played the beta and I’m a new player coming into the game, oh boy!

I’ve put at least 10 hours into the game and so far I really, really want to enjoy it. I love this game, the story mode is fun and the PvP is something that I want to enjoy, but with the game as it currently stands I cannot.

Before anyone just throws out there “Levels don’t mean anything!” and “It’s skill-based matchmaking!” etc, etc…

While yes, me being as a level 15 now and having unlocked a good portion of the characters, doesn’t mean anything. When I queue for a game and get paired up with people who are <10 against a team who is even 2+ premade at >20 is a loss 9 times out of 10.

MMR needs a very large fix if someones FIRST ONLINE GAME is them queuing right after the prologue, because story mode isn’t their thing, gets matched with, IN A SKILL BASED MATCHMAKING SYSTEM, players on their skill level against, IN A SKILL BASED MATCHMAKING SYSTEM, a team who is >20 is a massive flaw in the design of the game.

This means 1 of two things.

First! The new players MMR is >0 and the other players MMR is also >0
Second! The new players MMR is 0 and they get matched with a team that is similar to their MMR, against a team made up of people whose MMR is >0 SOLELY for the sake of time.

There were threads upon threads upon threads of people who were complaining about matchmaking queue times and that problem seems to have been fixed.

To me, this means that a skill based matchmaking system has been replaced with a time based matchmaking system. Simply for the sake of playability and to fix the “problem”. It seems the developers didn’t want to fix a problem so they just slapped a patch on it and called it good!

As it stands right now, I’ve put in a ticket to steam to get a refund for the game. I can’t stand it. With the new release of this game there is NO WAY that there aren’t enough people level <10 that they can’t get queued with a group of people at a similar level.

Other games have gone around this problem by having “Noob servers” where the level is capped at, for the sake of the argument let’s say 10. Is Battleborn’s player base really small enough that the devs can’t add in a level cap in matchmaking? Would it really be that hard to say “Players level 10 and below are ONLY queued with players level 10 and below.”

If it extends my matchmaking time from ~1 minute to ~3 minutes that’s not a huge deal. Maybe one day I’ll buy this game back, but probably not as Overwatch will be coming out fully soon.

Thanks for the read and Cheers, luv!

Add in a “Noob only” online.

If I were you, I’d give the game another week or two to wait for the incoming patch and let the player base get more experienced. Match making won’t be too bad then I assume.

The real problem I see AT THIS POINT in match making is that there are too often times when people solo queue, get in a game of total randoms (no one grouped with friends) and their enemy team is a grouped up premade. Level differences aside… if a random solo group basically picks the characters they want to play and don’t communicate about a good group/hero makeup and then don’t use voice chat to coordinate (which happens in basically every solo queue game) the other team being a premade has a good/smart hero makeup and will coordinate effectively. This is just the nature of people who solo queue getting in a game against a premade.

When I play as a premade myself, even if I’m only playing with 1 other friend my chances of winning matches skyrocket. When I play with 4-5 friends we basically demolish the other team most of the time. In a premade vs premade things are more competitive as everyone is using strategy properly.

I just wish there was a way to solo queue in such a way that would let me play guaranteed against a team that isn’t a premade of 4-5 people.

Anyways, once the majority of the player base becomes experienced enough solo queue will be better against premades as people will know they have to use a good team/hero makeup and use strategy to win or at least be competitive and not get demolished.

You can always just play a few versus matches until you get with some players that don’t suck and then join up with them to group for the next versus matches you play. Having 2-3 people play with you that coordinate and pick heroes that work well with each other makes a HUGE difference… that being said, I too get incredibly aggravated when I solo queue and get pitted against a full premade who are all 20-30 or even 40 levels higher than my group lol. Whatever though… the game is fun as hell and it’s going to get better once fixes are implemented.

Know what’s fun… watching Rath and Galilea on the same team pop their Ults at the same time and obliterate 3-5 enemy players in less than 10 seconds haahhahahahahahahahahhaha.