Matchmaking fail issues today. nov. 27th

is anyone else having issues in matchmaking ? i just got on and and i keep getting the message matchmaking failed someone help please

Same, can’t get a match.

its been down for atleast 2 hours on xbox

I just got on, tried restarting everything still won’t let me on. Buddies can’t get on either, would be nice in they would give a heads up or explain it but why would they care.

so i dont know f its just battleborn but i also tried to play halo and it wasnt finding any matches either so it could pssibly be xbox thats down have you tried to play another game?

Ya I’ve been playing 2k bf smite rocket league this is only issue I’m having. I got friends on Cod madden and titan fall.

There is already a topic regarding this issue, continue the discussion in this one please ->

As it seems the XBox-online service is down atm.