Matchmaking fix ruined the game

I don’t know when you decided to change the matchmaking system, but you don’t have enough players to change it.
I’m having 30 minutes queues since yesterday, and i’m not the only one in my friend list having troubles.
And it seems, the better winrate you have, the less game you found.
So please gives us back a matchmaking where we can play.

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Not noticed any issues. I find matches just as fast as before. Biggest problem is people leaving.

Idk man. My matches are a lot closer now. And serious amounts of fun. I wouldn’t mind the wait for this:

Yeah we still lost, had tons of fun though.

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From what you described in your post you’re actually experiencing a good thing. The groups I’ve played with recently have noticed that we’re getting matched up against good players and premades almost 99% of the time since the patch landed yesterday. I’m guessing GBX tightened up the skill-based matchmaking grouping.

That said, it could also be a glitch as my queues usually don’t take more than 2 or 3 minutes. What’s your region/platform?

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Im on PC/EU. And yes the matchmaking fix is good for a lot of people, but when you have 60% winrate or more, you can’t find a game unless you wait 30 minutes. So it’s good for “casual” players if i could say so.

I have close to a 80-90% winrate now and it doesn’t take too long to find matches even around midnight (I’m in the US, though). I believe there are a lot of players in the EU as well though so I don’t know why your queue times would be so long. Maybe try changing your steam download region to a close & more populated area? I hear that it has helped some people. (Top left in steam client -> Steam -> Settings -> Downloads -> Download region)

Casual ? I would rather say “good for people who don’t group up to destroy pugs”
I’m having more balanced match today, i’m fine with that.


So far in all my playing I rarely wait more than a min or two before I get a match


Even in solo Q i’m having insane queue time.

this new patch ruined the game for me

I’ve been experiencing long wait times or very quick pairings with bad matches. This is a match I just now got into. Was in queue for less than 20 seconds at most. This doesn’t seem very balanced? You’re telling me there weren’t 5 other people in queue that weren’t grouped?


It is what it is. This is semi frequent too. Ah well.


I really appreciate that GBX is extending an event to their player base, but I honestly feel it was premature. It’s made PVP not very enjoyable today as I keep running into lots of premades or people exploiting on Overgrowth. I feel it should have waited until Overgrowth was fixed as it just yields a bad player experience and that match making was a bit more functional.

I know the changes are coming, I’m not worried about that, just that the event should have probably been after they were in place so new people who may be picking up the game because of the event don’t get a bad taste in their mouth so to speak.

I’m also a PC user with a 60% win rate and I’m not having issues with queue times. I did notice that matches take a little longer since the patch but I also noticed a significant improvement in match quality. I don’t think I’ve had a complete stomp since they made the changes and some matches have been exciting until the very end, like this one:

Everyone on both teams played like a freakin’ champ and the score was pretty much tied right until the last 5 minutes where we somehow managed to gain the upper hand. Before then it was this crazy back and forth. LOVED that match, so much fun.

If the queue seems to be stuck, leave and re-queue, usually fixes it for me.

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if you have an 80-90% winrate the matchmaking is still completely broken

a good mm system would have you at 40-60%


I’ve been playing BB since early April and I have around 350-400 hours total by now. I also mainly play with a premade sooo… Kinda a given that I’d win a lot.

Thats balance! Holy cow!
I red they changed PvP-matchmaking and wondered if it would work. I really got tired of the topics regarding mm-issues here.(as PvE-gamer its not so much of thing for me though)

Glad to see proof that the patch works :heart:

An update: match quality has gotten a lot better for sure but the queue times are VERY slow for solo queuing at high ELO rating now. Not sure if the tradeoff is worth it, might’ve swung too far in the “match quality” direction. Been sitting in solo queue for around 10 minutes now. It was much quicker yesterday while I was running with my premade. Maybe has something to do with people at this level of skill-based matchmaking mostly queuing in groups.

Matchmaking fix. Talk about placeabo. It’s still a one way stomp most of the time. Level 80+ premades while i get level 7-8 people without even a single loadout slot.

1st hotfix damaged matchmaking for me - i dont have problems with 5-10 min waiting. 2nd hotfix - 30-40 minutes waiting. Really guys ? You call that a fix ? I dont care about ELO ratings or ANY rating ATM (we are not in ESL or something…)

Please tell me what do i have to do to play the game i love ? Im casual player (job,wife,kids) - have like 2-3 hours to play Battleborn everyday (and its not everyday) so most of the time i spend is in the queue - again i will ask REALLY is that fix for you ? I made some friends through this game - they all say the same thing - totally ruined matchmaking / queue times.

So i bought full game - saw the game awesome - bought season pass to wait in queues. Yay -.-

Good way to destroy playerbase - its not THAT high to experiment with ELO rating.

Well, if it means I don’t have to run into you in matchmaking I’m all for you having to wait just a little bit longer to find a match. You wrecked me plenty during early access. :stuck_out_tongue: