Matchmaking/forced 50/50 bad?

So, either I am extremely unlucky, the matchmaking is coded to force a 50/50 win to lose ratio by manipulating grouping of playes win to lose ratio, or the matchmaking is extremely atrocious.

My take on it is as follows: If an artifical push for 50/50 exists, REMOVE IT AT ONCE! Nobody cares about winning multiple times in a row if that also means you’re gonna lose horribly due to circumstances outside your control.
The beauty of true randomness is that it favors nobody.

As for the matchmaking, simply make is so players of more than 10 levels apart cannot be grouped together in a match.
Sure, will take longer to group but if longer means more balanced then it’s a price that I believe a lot of people would be willing to pay. Actively fight noobstomping and promote good players to face good players. Nobody learns anything if there’s no challenge or hope of victory.

Anyways, my 2 cents.

Matchmaking isn’t based off command rank at all. So forcing a level disparity makes no sense. They supposedly use an ELO system that pairs you with like-skilled players.

If this is the case, it would make sense to be in roughly a 50/50 win/loss as you are playing like skilled players and are likely to face a tough team.

What I would like to see is players who are less than Rank 5-10 or so be put in a separate queue. Personally this is the only time when rank has any influence on match making. It is slightly frustrating when you queue up, both sides match almost immediately and you have a R2 with you. There is no possible way they have played 10 games to be evaluated by the ELO system to be placed in your group. I have no problem playing with low rank players as this doesn’t equate to skill. However when it is that low it certainly equates to lack of experience with heroes, maps and objectives. I think around rank 10, if they have been doing pvp they will be familiar enough with the aforementioned to be effective on the team.

Overall, I think command ranks should be removed from view though as it leads to a lot of people dropping group once they see someone of really low rank or really high rank.

Then we need a seperate rank for pvp and pve.

Yeah, I don’t think there’s any sort of such push… considering I’ve lost about 20 games out of 170…

Ideally you should wind up around a 50/50 w/l once matchmaking has time and gets everyone settled into their correct levels though. (You can’t actually see these levels BTW)

If you’re getting around a 50/50 WL it means you’re being matched up correctly though, so congrats!

I’m not sure if rank is used at all in matchmaking. A different rank for either mode would be nice… though still not truly indicative… The person that spent 50 hours in PvE and 3 in PvP will probably still be better in PvP than the person that only spent 3 hours in PvP and none in PvE.

I play only randoms and ive lost the vast majority of my games and I do excellent in 90% of my games.

I have noticed none of the games are ever close, at least for me. One team usually blows out the other team.

The last game I got into, I was the only double digit leveled player on my team. The other team had no single digit players, and 4 out ranked me by at least 10 levels.

This was worse when a player decided to quit the match. The game was already going to character select, but having 1 person down almost guarantees a loss. So, because the developers decided not to allow other players to join matches in progress, the match was set before it started. So, I want to leave since it makes no sense to play a losing game, but now I cannot play for however long that match takes.

This is just a stupid and irrational decision to make players wait for one match to end so they can join another one, or be forced into a match with a handicap because of other stupid oversights. Punishing players for rage quitting I understand, but the decision to force players to play ■■■■ matches or wait is a consequence was thoughtless.

The matchmaking has been atrocious, but not because of the reason you claim. In fact, you having a 50% win/loss ratio is a sign of just the opposite.

I’m guessing you may not have played a lot of MOBA’s, that’s usually how it works. An early lead gets carved out by one team, and it just keeps snowballing, each level they get up helps them get more XP, and more XP gets them more levels, and so on and so on. Close games require very evenly matched teams. Even in pro games you’ll see most moba’s swing drastically by end-game.

Until the matchmaking settles down (right now it’ll be the wild west) and probably needs a tweak or two, you’re not going to run into a lot of close games.

The patch to decrease the frequency of the overshield bots should help a lot eventually too.

I have played 0 MOBAs, but I cannot logically understand how a “genre” can be used as an argument to forgive terrible match making and some map and character balancing issues.

I am not trying to be an ass here, I just find the canned response a little disappointing because people don’t bother to question.

And seriously, last two matches were 1000-77, and 1000-26. That is not because it is a MOBA, that is a problem.

It’s not explaining the matchmaking, it’s explaining why, even when the matchmaking improves, that you’re still going to see blow-out games quite frequently. I was addressing your comment that the games are “never close” (that’s why I quoted it) and explaining why the game’s style itself is not going to lend to a lot of really close games.

Even in pro games (go watch a few, I recommend smite) you’ll see teams split a match (they each win 1 of the 2 games) and both matches will be blowouts. In a MOBA it’s all about carving out a slight lead early, once you do, if you play it right and don’t blow it, your lead will continue to grow.

What you need to watch is your W/L ratio, if you’re winning and losing around %50 then the matchmaking is working correctly.

My WL right now is around 82%, that’s why the matchmaking is busted, not because games end one-sidedly.

That said, they still need to implement some changes to help slow the snowball. Turning down the frequency of the OS bots is gonna be a good first step.

I have a W/L ratio of almost 2. So I don’t think your thesis is true.

What does matching with similar skill really mean though? Does it look to my win to loss ratio? Is it monitoring my kill to death ratio? It seems just as arbitrary as just using my command level to put me into games. I know everyone hates to loose and some days it feels like you get the worse team every match up but no system will ever be perfect. Has anyone seen how they are going to actually do ranked matches by the way?

It’s an ELO based system.

Well i learned something new, but then how does that take into account a team based game? Are they using an average score from my team? Also the wiki page seems to says its overly simplistic with how it does its calculations what makes me wonder but I am no mathmatician and i do not have a problem with match making but i still think my point stands that even with the best systems of skill matching it will never be perfect.