Matchmaking: Games with equal pairing take longer to start, quick mm'ing leaves you often with crap players

The one thing killing my fun with this game right now is getting paired with crap players. However I realize that if I want to get matched with those closer to my level, then I’d be waiting longer for a match to start, especially given the declining base as it is and also taking into account there are different match modes and not everyone is looking to queue for PVP either.


I would honestly rather wait longer for equal pairing than get tossed in a match with noobs and feel like I’m wasting my time. I don;t just want to play this game to play for the sake of it, i want to know I have a chance of winning the match.

Also it is horrible that you can’t just leave a game to find another, and also horrible that when someone does quit or be DC’d that the game won’t let someone else in.

I definitely wish the game would let someone else in. Even being out leveled the new person could provide the utility of just simply being the 5th person.

ehh idk about adding a player to a match after the game starts. I myself would not want to be paired up with an already losing team. But if I had to I would want to be the same average level as everyone else with the same amount of shards. This is for casual only in my eyes, definitely never for competitive/ranked.