Matchmaking - How do you join others?

This will kost likely sound like a really stupid question, but I just finished the game, and I’m just looking to go through Proving Grounds until I unlock them all myself. I use the Proving Grounds matchmaking option under Social but everytime it just makes me the Host and takes me to the Supremacy PG I have unlocked along with 3 other players. Is there an option to join other peoples PG’s?

You finished already? That makes me sad that people are finished already. The game must not be very long? :frowning:

Well I’ve played the entire weekend from launch. The Story itself took me around 20-25 hours, including a few sidetrips to explore. It’s a decent length, and theres still a ton of sidequests and the collectables/challenges to locate. And not to mention, TVHM and the new Mayhem Mode. So theres plenty more hours to sink in even after the game is done

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