Matchmaking is fine

Matchmaking is fine. If you play without a team and a team is against you. You’ll probably lose. If you and 2-3 others are playing solo but still have mics you could stand a chance. But this isn’t cod TDM where you can clutch the whole thing and win it for your team. You need communication. I add everyone I ever see with a microphone. Good or bad. Because when we play again we can communicate and I can help them better themselves. A full group of level 5’s with mics can easily beat a team of all 50+'s that aren’t coordinated and don’t communicate. One thing I absolutely want changed in this game is Whiskey Foxtrot. He’s just not good enough right now. I like everyone else where they are

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Main problem that people have with matchmaking boils down to these points.

  1. Level 2 players gets teamed up with higher leveled players. I am Command Rank 92 and in majority of the games, I will face atleast player that is single digit. Command Rank might not matter much at later ranks, but if someone is that low, chances are that they are new to the game too and will hence get smashed by more experienced players.

  2. Premade teams can queue up and face against randomized teams.

The first point could be circumvented by having a low level queue system. Up until a certain threshold (perhaps 15? People should have the basics of the game then atleast and will hopefully have found a character to play that they like), they will only face other players in that level bracket.

Point number 2 is a bit harder to fix. Would you limit that premades are only able to meet other premades would also lenghten the queue time by a lot. Battleborn on PC have already quite few players and seems to be dropping everyday, making the queue longer for both premades and non premades would in my opinion not be a very good idea.

I do agree with you though that communication is the key to victory. If people are not communicating, they shouldn’t expect to win either. But I wouldn’t say that matchmaking is fine, it has plenty of flaws.


If u ask me mmk is not fine at all, in 50 hour of play I’ve seen too many time random against premade and also level disparity between team. Last match I played was my team all random me at level 26, the lowest was lv 2, vs a premade of 4 all above of 75 !! Guess how it ended up… 6 min surrender with them having 17 kill, i dont think this is fine at all.

Its easy to see that the matchmaking algorithm is flawed.
You get a team and than it searches for another team, thats wrong.
A real matchmaking would take the top 10, 100 ore more players and would divide them into two even teams so that yours and the enemy team where created at the same time, thats not happening here.


"Command rank means nothing"
Suddenly see a lvl 7 matched against a lvl 89
Yeah sure…

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Command rank matters till a certain point.
Can you really say that a level 80 player is better than a level 40 player? I wouldn’t.

Depend. He definitely has more legendary / optimized gears and unlocked mutations.

Well the higher u go in level the smaller the disadvantage gets but lv 2 vs lv 75 is a bit much


As you said, it depends. It took me until level 70ish before I reached my first “master”. I would reckon that a player that’s level 40 and played only two characters would have mastered both characters and thus unlocked their mutations.

And not necessary about legendary. The drop rates are RNG favoured and since you don’t get any legendaries doing PVP, you’ll be at the mercy of the lootboxes.

Ok everybody. This guy says it’s fine so I guess everyone is wrong and there is no problem. - sarcasm

Matchmaking is trash. Has nothing to do with grouping. If that was the case then explain why majority of the matches are complete blowouts instead of close runners.

That I agree with. But as I said, matchmaking matters until you reach a certain point. After that, it will all be up to whatever character you choose and how proficient you are with it.

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Also, I don’t see what’s so bad with whiskey. His ultimate is way better than Oscar Mikes, his other skills just require the user to actually aim. He deals more damage in a shorter amount of time than Oscar as long as shots connect.

Curls into a ball and rocks back and forth

Yes, yes… Matchmaking is fine, totally fine… Hahaha… Fine fine fine… HAHAHA!

‘Over it tonight’

You still get the lore-related legendaries.

Dunno why? Im around LvL 46 and already have 2 lore completed heroes with a third 90% done not even counting the others who ive played for a while.
If you focus on a couple heroes at a time theres no reason not to master at least one by around level 20/30.
There isnt that much difference between a lvl 30 or 60 tbh, between a level 10 and level 50 sure.

[quote=“trichouette, post:7, topic:1461683”][quote=“Bugulu, post:6, topic:1461683”]
Command rank matters till a certain point.Can you really say that a level 80 player is better than a level 40 player? I wouldn’t.

Depend. He definitely has more legendary / optimized gears and unlocked mutations.

This is inaccurate sure you get legendary gear from lore and stuff and a chance that things drop in story if they play story at all. But High levels are often using other characters I have 2 characters mastered and 1 on my way to 15 now with lore done I don’t use the characters I have finished much unless I am almost forced to.

High levels I have noticed are usually at the point where they just cycle through characters they have not completed yet so in modes like capture level I would say after 20-25 doesn’t matter at all because at that point everything is pretty much even. I beat a entire team of 100’s with a team of 20’s with me at 46. Balancing is present we just dont like to recognize it because its not balanced the way we want it making certain characters useless and others broken.

Want to learn which character role you fit in? Co-op story mode. Levels are a problem in matchmaking? Weird because I thought everyone started at level 1 when it starts… Getting beat by a team? Find people to team up with. Getting destroyed? Turn your mic on…and communicate with your new team(talking to half the players on ps4). Having a problem with randoms not listening? Accept the loss… Go through players met, ask if anyone has a microphone and is willing to team up and communicate and continue to meet more people to play with. Obviously the higher level people have gotten better with their characters of choice. So you’re level 70 and your teammate is level 2? Damn… Guess you’ll have to watch them learn a new character. Nothing is wrong with matchmaking. The problem is everyone going in solo acting like it’s team death match.

I couldn’t agree more, more than half the people complaining that match making is broken are the same people with no Mic and just pugging groups hoping for a win.

There isn’t necessarily a problem with the match making itself, its more to do with people not communicating with each other (ie no mics). I find this game so much more enjoyable when people communicate on what’s going on and matches are alot closer.

Finding a match can be hit and miss though, sometimes i can find one within say 30 seconds, other times it takes forever (known to be a good 5mins) and then finally get a group, one leaves and you are screwed anyway lol

I feel like Matchmaking IS the #1 problem in this game. Yes there is the balance issues to start, but more than that now is how long it takes to find a match… only have 1 guy drop and the whole system reset.

At this point its so bad that I feel a system that just randomly grabbed 10 random people and threw them in a game together would work. There would still be unbalances but at least you didn’t wait so long (an issue that makes the game feel more dead than it is.)