Matchmaking is impossible after the server downtime


Since the server downtime yesterday, most games result in a server connection issue after the map selection. Only 1/10 matches that are found actually happen due to this.
I asked some people I play with regularly, and I am not the only one with this problem.
Please gearbox, fix this. Finding matches in pubs, just for them not to happen is depressing.

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Please send in a support ticket if you haven’t done so already as the more information the team have, the easier it will be to solve the issue.

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There is also a problem with an indefinite login queue post maintenance, which I believe is happening exclusively to the Free Trial players.


I confirming this. I can log in to my UBAE account but my brother can’t log in to his free account from this same PC. He is hanging in queue like for eternity. I think that’s why it’s curently imposible to find a match.

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OK, same request to you and your brother, too, to file a support ticket (link above).

I personally haven’t tried playing a match yet, but the long delays on loading into Command and periodic long pauses while trying to open packs and sell stuff were concerning, to say the least.

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Another issue post-maintenance is that, without exception, the time it takes for the score board and stats to load post-match means that the next mm starts while one is still locked in the previous screens sans chance to exit (only escape option is to close BB through PS command).

Most annoying and happens every time since the maintenance.