Matchmaking is no longer auto-scaling like it use to

I’ve tried with multiple different characters and I’ve done matchmaking since release but over the past week or so, when joining other players games, 80% of the time matchmaking does not scale outside of mayhem mode. It use to scale enemies to the players lvl when joining others games but now I join as a lvl 35, enemies are lvl 3 (in say, cathedral of the twin gods- while the other player is lvl 33) or I join as a lvl 25 and enemies will be lvl 5 (in say, guts of carnivora while the other player is lvl 22). It doesn’t make any sense and it’s happening across multiple characters different characters. I’ve always been on cooperation before anyone says anything about that.

Is matchmaking completely broken right now? Anyone else experiencing similar issues? It makes matchmaking completely pointless.

It depends on the host’s settings. If they are coopetition, you get classic behaviour (everything is scaled to the host’s level); if they are cooperation, you get the individual scaling.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to check the session setting for that if you are not the host? Not something I’ve looked in to. You might want to check your own setting after an on-line session though.

From what I understand, matchmaking will only connect players who have the same settings, so cooperation players only host other cooperation players and the same goes for coopetition.

In which case it could be that OP’s settings got changed by joining the session of a friend (I’ve heard of this happening on XB1 via friend invite before)

The only reason I mentioned coopetition/cooperation at all is because it is completely irrelevant.

How can I join a game where the enemies are lvl 3 when I am lvl 35 and the main player is lvl 33 (enemies being lvl 31-34 for them)? Guts of carnivora enemies are lvl 3? Nekrotafeyo enemies are lvl 5? It doesn’t matter what setting is on, there is something else going on where enemies are not scaling at all. I’ve joined around 8-12 matchmaking games with different non-mayhem characters where this has happened. If I’m lvl 41 and I join someones game that is lvl 43, the enemies will be lvl 41-44 for the main player and lvl 2 for me.

Something is wrong with matchmaking right now, I have no idea what it is or why it is happening but it’s pretty annoying.

OK - I have heard similar comments about that happening randomly before. My guess would be an error in the cooperation scaling code that trips up under certain conditions and throws bad values.

Are those numbers an actual example? If so, it looks like it’s just taken the level difference. Best bet would be to file a bug report via a support ticket if you can.

You mention using non-mayhem characters, which has me wondering if the Mayhem 2.0 update threw things off. Most of my coop has been with friends on at least mayhem 1 or 2, so you might want to see if that makes a difference - if you don’t have anyone on your list currently, the relevant sections are:

I’ll verify the game files and test it out again later today and report back whether that fixes anything or not. It occurs around 80% of the time when I join matchmaking over the past week or two. 20% of the time, matchmaking will work fine, it’s just over the past couple weeks it has been being very strange and not scaling.

Others mentioned crossplay not working so I’m wondering if they are connected in any way.