Matchmaking is still broken?

Just bought The handsome collection last night and I’m already having issues… Every time I try to use the matchmaking options in the pre sequel, the game crashes. (Borderlands 2 runs fine.)
I’ve looked around for a solution, but all I see are other gamers complaining about the same issue and how there has been no help from 2k… Is this true? There has been no fix for this since 2015?..
Anyone else still having this issue? Its really annoying considering I bought this game for the coop.

No idea how this ended up in the bulletstorm forum… Supposed to be in Borderlands The Pre Sequel.

Had to think for a minute, but yeah have had that problem forever it seems, just didn’t pay much attention to it as I mostly powerlevel people in TPS, though I do occasionally host open games, of which about 60% of the time I have people (not on my friends list) join in.
But when I do, do an occasional search for games on TPS the game will Lock/Freeze up.

Have you tried just hosting an open game to see if anyone joins? See what Happens, then form a preferred group to play with from the players that join or this link
has several posts of list of players that play both games or make you own post looking for players

The fact that I do get people joining my games about 60% of the time, almost makes me think that this may be more of a problem from individual XB 1 to XB 1.

what say you @JoeKGBX @VaultHunter101

Yes, I have had this issue while searching for games on TPS. Never on BL2 though.

Can’t say I’ve ever searched for games on TPS - only ever joined or had friends join. TPS does have some weird connection issues on XB1 though, such as it occasionally unassigning all your skill points when you join a match - that never did get properly resolved.

Somewhat how Gearbox do things, they fix things nobody cares about most of the time but leaves in big problems.

Figured out a way to get matchmaking to work, but Quickmatch still crashes the game… Also found out there’s an even worse issue with the game. The connection to a Host… The game lags so bad when not playing as the Host. I wouldn’t of bought it if I’d known online coop is broken altogether…

Honestly, I’ve only had lag issues a couple of times with the HC versions of either TPS or BL2. One thing that seems to be a problem (at least to me) is using in-game chat; XBox party chat always seems more reliable. The other thing is if there are a lot of visual effects going on, plus a lot of loot on the ground. Cryo effects in TPS are particularly graphcis intensive - you get two Aurelias, or an Aurelia/Athena combo, in game against the Sentinel or EOS/Eclipse and it can be pretty bad.

Tried joining a few random matches and noticed the game ran alright… But when I try to play with my friend’s the game starts lagging again. Idk… something’s up with our connections.

Could be between XB1 and modem/router, anywhere in between, and the same on the other end. If either of you are using WiFi between XB1 and modem/router (especially if it’s a weak signal and/or it’s shared with a bunch of other devices) that would do it. I have my XB1 hard-wired to my router, and decent bandwidth both ways (actually better speeds than advertised by my ISP) which helps a lot. Not everyone is able to do that though.