Matchmaking is stinking tonight

What’s up GBX? Past few Incursion matches my team has been steamrolled. Enemies are already attacking the second sentry by the 6 minute surrender mark. Seriously, fix your algorithm. Rant over.

Edit: Just a little salty at a bad run of matches. Finally got into a decent one and called it a night. These things happen sometimes.

The Algorithm is fine, I’ve done it many times… Don’t think it needs a fix…

Seriously GBX, what is wrong with your matchmaking? Yet another game where it was over by the 6 minute mark.

I had tense, awesome matches all night. Only two that were a bit uneven. So… Not to be a jerk, but could it be operator error?

I have the same problem too, of being put into uneven matches.

I am currently level 18, and most of my other team-mates are levels 40 and below. On the other hand, we have opponents in the other team that are 80 and above, and we frequently have to fight against level 100 dudes.

There is an issue, those that don’t experience it are fortunate, but it indeed exists. Has Gearbox even acknowledged the problem at all? And do they have any plans of fixing matchmaking, and making it more even?

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Oh, sorry. I play with my significant other, and she’s 52 I think. I’ve been 100 since double exp. (No I didn’t use it to inflate, I started it at 92 :P) so my range is a little different than yours.

He wasn’t talking about “The Algorithm”, just the algorithm GBX uses for matchmaking.

I’m not stupid mate, but thanks for pointing that out… Suppose sarcasm isn’t a strong point of yours :+1:

I’ve seen enough people read posts entirely wrong that that is what I automatically assume.


if i dint now better they have to constantly change from using a matchmaking rating to opening it up to get matches to populate based on current population. sometimes its nonstop and i can get 10 matches in 4 hours, right now ive been in queue for incursion for 11 minutes and counting.

The problem with matchmaking is one of population not a bad algorithm. The smaller the pool of players the less chance you are going to find people of your skill level and they are going to have to throw you in with people much better. Get used to it because it’s probably not going to get better.

seems like making funny quips isn’t one of yours either, meight :wink:

Awww thanks mate. Doubt I’ll sleep tonight :disappointed_relieved: