Matchmaking is ungodly slow atm

Anyone else having issues on ps4? In in the northeast of the states

I’m in Western England and its slow as funk here too, sometimes ten minutes to get a game

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Agreed. I’ve played since the closed beta, and though I’m a super-casual player, I always could get matched up in even normal story mode in under a minute with a full crew. Now, all the game does is sit and spin, and I might get one other player in 10-20 minutes

Not a lot of people play the game even on double Xp its probally just a combo of that and bad matchmaking systems

This is how it has been since release for me… Takes me on average 20 minutes to get into a game… And lord knows if someone drops it takes even longer… then you get a game and someone disconnects… ive waited over an hour to get into one single game before…

100MBS down and up PS4 wired connection to internet… Overwatch picks games fine… battleborn not so much… its this game…

This is just how its going to be for awhile, sadly. The game has too many different matchmaking areas (three different multiplayer modes, story missions with two different difficulties) that its catering to right now. Add that to an overall extremely low concurrent player base, and matchmaking is just going to be a drag. Its part of why I quit playing. :confused: It makes me really sad. I had super high hopes for this game when it came out, (Deluxe Edition Pre-order, here) and I defended the hell out of it in the beginning. But unless there’s a major change in how the matchmaking is structured and a simultaneously huge influx of concurrent players, this is just how its going to be. When I do play, I just play private story missions by myself. And that’s just to test the new heroes. I gave up on matchmaking awhile ago.

I play in the Pacific area. We can set in an Incursion matchmaking for 20+ minutes sitting 2/10 or 4/10 people. Just now, we gave up and switched to Chaos Rumble and got a team of 5/10 quick.

Matchmaking briefly seemed good(ish) a couple months ago with the release of the new competitive that would match based on skill, but it’s significantly worse these past few weeks.

Edit: … and it disconnected because a player on the other team dropped. Another 10-20 minutes.

Shortly after I made this last post, things improved as if there was a change.

Very recently, this all changed. We are back to nearly unplayable with us waiting without leaving for 30 minutes only to say, “Nope. I don’t have time for this. We need to exit to something else.”