Matchmaking killing this Game

Hello guy’s.
Matchmaking time is way to long, i know the reason is the playerbase.
But even in Advenced Story i was waiting today with a friend 5 mins, then lobby open with me and him nothing else.
If i want to play together only, we can make also private game, that confused me really.

Meltdown que, we was 15 min in 11am Europe timezone, and we just find 3 Mates, no enemy’s.

In my Opinion, you should add 2 thing’s.

First, choose region option ingame, with a number on rightside with actuel player online.
Europe server = 800 Player online , 30 Running PvE Lobby’s 80 PvP Lobby’s
NA West = 300 Player ,20 Running Pve Lobby’s , 30 PvP lobby’s
and so on,

Second Point, our Playerbase on Pc is very low, also splittet up into Region’s, and Playlists.
Its not nice that everyone must wait longer cause of to much gamemodes, for to less player.
Its Difficult ,i know cause many guy’s also me want a Ranked mode, but same time the acuel number of gamemodes are to high for Playerbase on PC.

So make only 1 PvP Que, 1 PvE Que .

If i que up for PvP, i cant vote for Map, Instead of this we have 3 Choice, Capture,Incersion,meltdown.
Map of each Gamemode is Random.
This would be much better.
1.) We dont play everytime same Map on Gamemode.
2.) 3 Que’s goes up into 1, so the small playerbase dont split up alltime.
3.) Waitingtime decrease, and maybe playerbase up. Cause mainproblem of this game, is Matchmaking in my Opinion.
Alot of OP Topic’s, Bad Matchmaking etc. are all about Playerbase, but most guys dont realiz this, and aslong we have such a low playerbase, splittet up into alot of region’s + Gamemodes, you will get bad Theards about Balance etc.

New player who will buy maybe the game, will watch first forum or anythink else. and then they read only ,
OP Charakter here, op there.
Premade against solo
Long waitingtime
ah and low Performence on some systems.

I played PVP all weekend and never waited more than a few mins and match making was pretty good I think I was about 60/40 win loss and there were some close games.

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Matchmaking works very patchy and I’m not sure if it’s connected to number of online population. I live in Europe, but I play on Xbox (so I’m in minority of european Battleborn fanbase as vast majority plays on PS4). 2 weeks ago we (me and my wife) had to wait several minutes and it was hard to win any match (that’s sign of strict skill-based matchmaking).

Somewhere in the middle of last week matchmaking started working quite fast and we started to being connected to some low-level players (and started winning!) so aparently Gearbox loosen (or gave up) skill-based system. That worked well through entire weekend.

Yesterday it again started taking several minutes, but I don’t know if it’s because less people plays this game on mondays, or Gearbox started doing something to matchmaking system. After all, let’s say there are just 100 people playing on single playlist in the region (which should be more, as Battleborn is highter on XBL activity chart than Titanfall, and there are hunderds of players on any given moment) and every match takes 30 minutes (which doesn’t happens that often) - with worst possible conditions it shouldn’t take more than 6 minutes to find 10 players and start the match.

So I think Gearbox should do something to matchmaking (like finding 10 players and THEN splitting them into 2 teams according to skill level, rather than matching 2 teams - each one found separately with some vague skill-based criteria), but I think it’s still too early to consolidate all playlists. Gametypes in Battleborn are very diverse, some players have their preferences and if they’re forced to play what they doesn’t feel, population of entire game will fall down.

I honestly don’t think gearbox should tweak the matchmaking anymore than they already did, not for now anyways. We need a bigger playerbase to fix it properly, there’s no magical algorithm to fix everything, the game can’t pull players out of it’s butt.

As it stands, the queues can be a bit long (I’ve waited 10-15+ mins for matches) and the skill-based matchmaking seems to loosen up during off hours but that’s as good as it can get until more people give Battleborn the love it deserves. I don’t want to see all 3 modes consolidated into 1, that would be the end of this game for me. I don’t like Capture, if I’m forced to play it, then I have no reason to queue anymore, that’s just not fun for me. Some people only play 1 mode (mostly Incursion I believe) and wouldn’t want to be forced playing the other 2. We want to keep the playerbase we have, not scare 'em away.

Awww jeez. It makes me so sad to see that people have to wait that long to actually get a full lobby.
Also I fear that once I have the money to finally pick this game up it will be even harder to find matches.
This game really deserves a bigger fanbase. :c

5-10 minutes just to fill your team. Another 5 mins to find the opposing team and this is US east coast. Matchmaking wait time now says “average” when at launch it said “short”. It really should say “long” because no multiplayer PVP game has you wait 10-15 mins for a game unless you were in a queue for an overpopulated game where the servers were overloaded. This is not the case for BB.

i dont know man if they make it easier for people to get into games all around while not placing noobs with pros i think they should go for it

The problem is: if they want faster matchmaking, they need to broaden the skill-based matchmaking, which results in the “pro vs newbie” scenario. If they want good skill-based matchmaking, they need to tighten the system around player skills, which will result in longer queues. Without a bigger playerbase, it’s pretty much one or the other.

I feel like what they’ve got going right now is the best we can hope for given the circumstances: more skill-based during peak hours and less strict during off hours to speed up the queues a bit.

I’ve decided to start documenting my experience with the matchmaking (for prosperity!), here’s what my last 2 matches looked like:

Enter Incursion queue at 1:39 PM EST

  • 5 mins in: the only player I was matched with left, I’m still on my own
  • 10 Mins in: only 1 other player found. I give up and try Meltdown
  • 5 mins in Meltdown queue: no players. Screw this, I’m going back to Incursion
  • 5 mins in Incursion: 5 teammates found, waiting on oppoenents
  • 10 mins in: match found.
    Total wait time: 25 mins, quick match won by surrender

Enter Incursion queue at 2:18 PM EST

  • 4 mins in: teammates found, waiting on oppoenents
  • 9 mins in: Match found, Echelon (woo!)
    Total wait time: 9 mins, long victory, kinda one sided towards the end

thats fair they are between a rock and a hard place this time but knowing gear box they’ll just blow up there way out :stuck_out_tongue:

Queued again after taking a walk with the dog and here’s the result:

Enter Meltdown queue at 4:15 PM EST

  • 10 mins in: I found 3 teammates rather quickly and they all left, I’m still alone.
  • 14 mins in: Got a match!
    Total wait time: 14 mins, match quickly became one-sided despite command ranks looking even on both sides. Victory by surrender, 355-88

Enter Meltdown queue at 4:45 PM

  • 15 mins in: Still nothing, only found 1 teammate. I give up and try Incursion
  • 15 mins in the incursion queue: still nothing. I found 2 teammates. I give up and go do something else.
    Total wait time: 30 mins, no match.

I’m hoping things will be better later during US peak times, but these wait times are slowly getting to me :frowning: I still love this game too much to give up, but I’d lie if I said this isn’t discouraging.

UPDATE - Moar games!
I read somewhere that the matchmaking works better if you chose a US based location. I changed mine from Montreal, Canada to New York, US. I did not notice any changes.

7:22 PM EST - Meltdown

  • 4 mins in: teammates found, looking for opponents
  • 10 mins in: Match found vs a full pre-made
    Total wait time: 10 mins, loss by complete stomp with an early surrender

7:43 PM - Incursion

  • 13 mins in: The team had been found but someone left, I’m back to being alone.
  • 14 mins in: Match found vs 2 pre-mades (2 and 3)
    Total wait time: 14 mins, victory, a bit of opposition from the opponents.

8:22 PM - Meltdown

  • 3 mins in: match found already vs 4 pre-mades and a solo, all of them level 100. My team averages level 50 (except for myself, lvl 100)
    Total wait time: 3 mins, crushing defeat (but not a complete stomp) match played until the end.

I don’t know if any of this data helps but hopefully it can provide some insight on what the current matchmaking experience is at the moment.

Update 2 - Even Moar Games!

9:16 - Meltdown, 3 players queue

  • Instant queue vs full premade
    Total wait Time: A few seconds, competitive match, victory

9:56 - Meltdown, 2 players queue

  • Almost instant, then the matchmaking bugs. We are pulled out of map selection and, after a bit of confusion, put back in queue
  • 6 mins in: match formed vs a team that has 2 players around lvl 10 vs our team of high levels.
    Total wait time: 6 mins, victory by complete stomp.

10:13 - Meltdown, 2 players queue

  • 1 min in: match formed.
    Total wait time: 1 min, loss by complete stomp

10:26 - Meltdown, 2 players queue

  • 6 mins in: match formed, coldsnap map
    Total wait time: 6 mins, victory by complete stomp
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We have really a Elo? Maybe this is the case, cause i won nearly my last 15-20 Meltdown games in a Row alltime with most dmg/minionkills over 100 and so.
Now i just didnt find Games, after 15 min’s i just quit the game, cause meltdown round goes mostly time 20 mins or so.
And i dont want to wait 15-20 min, playing 20 min. thats to much sorry.

I come from Austria, so im from Europe, and im surprised that i cant find matches.
Yesterday 11 AM or so - 15 min que no match closing game.
Trying out on 2 pm -> waiting over 10 min close the game.

Today i will try it again, but if i must wait 10 mins + again i just quit until we got a bigger playerbase.

PS. Like Cerberus write, Pro against noobs, or to long waiting Time.
But the reason of this are simple.

1.) To much Region’s and no option to choose ingame a populär Region.
2.) 3 PvP Gamemodes, 2 PvE Gamemodes, in each Region while i think Europe server has maybe on PC 500-1000 PLayer max activ in one time.

So its logic that this cant work well !!
Thats why i mean, put all PvP Que’s together in 1, and let the voting system give us the gamemode.
Simple, if you split 600 player into 3 ques, every que has 200 player -> 10 player each game, 1 round goes max 30 min!

So if you put 600 guys, into 1 Que -> faster matchmaking simple or?

What’s killing this game for me is the matchmaking. But for an entirely different reason than the OP. I can’t get a win. It’s like I got all my wins at the beginning and I’ll play well for the most part. I can even get like almost 10 KO’s and 3 or less deaths and with over 40 minion kills and a ton of buildables and getting the thralls and do everything I can to control lanes in incursion. But my teammates won’t push just sit at our own sentry and let them press us until they control all mid shards and buildables and steam roll us. I can’t win anymore. I went and looked and have lost my last 15 out of 20 matches. I’m not saying I’m awesome at this game but I kept a solid 4:1 or 3:1 win to loss ratio and now I’m only 123/219 wins out of matches played. It’s like I have to carry the team and can’t play casually cause God knows I go up against enough squads while playing solo. Even with a friend or two I get matched up with bad teammates. Try to balance the team comp when people quick spam who they want to play. I don’t understand the matchmaking at this point. It’s like I’ll lose three or 4 matches with bad teammates then the game is like “ok let’s give him decent guys” and I get like 2 people who know what they’re doing and destroy the other team but back to get my butt handed to me right after for 4 matches. So I spend about 2-3 hours getting destroyed to get one glimpse of victory. Does anyone else have this happen to them?

Sorry, but if you are really good, you can win meltdown by your self.
Incersion also, but its boring, you can stay on save place an push minions 30 mins away.
if Minionwave is near enemy corner, you can take offensive “save” position and push there.
while you watch Radar, to get sure no melee can kill you.

Ah and know your enemy charakters well, so you know with witch hp % you must port back before you get stun/dmg combo or Sniper 2-3 shot (depend on lvl from him)

Meltdown take thorn, and push both waves by your self, you cant loose.

Hahaha by no means am I’m saying I’m really good. I’m just curious if other people are having to feel like they’re stuck on bad teams all the time. Here for instance I’ll get people who play a melee on my team and will chase players all the wall to their sentry at the beginning and get killed easily. Sometimes I’m able to help push and then take off a little on the sentry and keep everything going in mid and squeak out a win by really keeping minions and thralls pushing but it just gets frustrating to have tank characters on my team that sit back or squishy characters that push too far and basically give the other team lvls easily. Do you see what I’m trying to say? Like here’s another instance. One time I KO’d 2 of the teammates later and someone took out someone else so 5 on 2. Incursion on overgrowth. My team was really negative in kills overall but we pushed well and desteoyed the sentry. Instead of regrouping and healing up and taking control of mid again and getting all the thralls( all the minions up were killed at this point from the fight) they pushed really deep in their base and literally everyone died except for me and they pushed to chip our final sentry and pretty much destroyed it late game. It’s just tough when a lot a mental errors build up like that and keep landing losses. I don’t care if I lose as much if it’s competitive. Had one awesome competive match where each team only had like 2 kills within the first 15 minutes and it was a huge push pull over mid. I loved it. We ended up getting our sentry chipped for the loss but great game. However when the other team is rank 5 and 6 and I’m at 3 or 4 because my teammates are 0 and 8 within the first 10 minutes, it’s really frustrating.

Its funny you mention matchmaking as being a major point of contention for Battleborn, because a group of friends and I have had a significantly harder time finding games over the last week or so, even during prime time. We often queue as a pre-made 5-man team, and even then it still takes 10-15 minutes to find a group at times. If we queue with 3-4 players, it takes upwards of 20 minutes to get a match, which is really just not enjoyable. Add in the number of times we queue and two people on the enemy team disconnect because we’re a pre-made team, or “leavers” who make the game unfavorable to the enemy team, the number of matches we get that are enjoyable is fairly low. In the past week, we’ve played maybe two matches that we felt were challenging and fair, and not a landslide victory/loss on either side.

Additionally, we don’t feel that the “ELO/ranking” system is working properly, either; 90% of the time we either get pitted against brand new players (less than rank 4) and completely stomp them (not fun), or we get put up against incredibly skilled players and get completely stomped. I can count on one hand the number of “balanced” games we played over the past week, where it was an actual even match rather than a complete stomp one way or the other. Its just not fun to completely win or lose by such a massive landslide; I’d easily say close to 75% of the games we play end in surrender on either side. Its also not fun to wait upwards of 15 minutes to play a single match, either; in the same amount of time, we could have played several matches of “another game” that I won’t mention.

We definitely feel like the matchmaking system needs to be massively improved, starting with a pre-made queue separate from a random queue. Visible “rank” would also be a great help to better understand why or how we’re winning/losing. Honestly, the player base population probably is one of the most concerning things, and fragmenting the player base even further might increase queue times even more.

See I haven’t run into ridiculously long wait times as much, but I can agree on the landslide wins/losses. But mainly losses when I’m playing solo. Rarely have I come across a match in incursion where the game goes into under 10 minutes where it’s neck and neck. It’s either destroy the sentry in 10 minutes and win, or get ours destroyed in 10 minutes and lose. But people won’t give up sometimes when getting destroyed and it makes losing drag out

I’m agree and please insert some ranking system.
6 games, all casual: in one game I’ve a level 62 with me (I’m level 63) and others players (the vs) are all level 56 to 100.
Never finished one game 5vs5: all the level 5,10,12 that play cod and exit the game.
Honestly I think that I’m surrender to the fact that the game most the times is not playable for me.

EDIT: 16 minutes that I’m trying to find a game now.
EDIT2: 7 games in a raw with people exit (now with opposite team at 64 2 people exit). Lost 500-5. I’m out, another 2 hour to traying to play some games and not able to “play” nothing.
Hope that GB are able to fix something.


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(Aus pc reporting in)

Another 5 stack we know of and my team of five are searching at the same time. They have found two games in a row, we have not found a single game despite being in the queue the longest.

Are we getting skipped because the difference in skill level is too high? Even with enough players to make a game we still can’t find one, it sucks.

That completely depends on what character you play as though. Most characters can only hold one of the lanes. Even as Oscar Mike I struggled to hold both lanes with a very large amount of movement speed boost because I was unable to get from one lane to another in time when I encountered an enemy.

That doesn’t take into the fact that my enemy literally destroys the minions in seconds while my team is feeding them, giving them extra points. I can carry a team, but need another lane clearer and a team that doesn’t feed.

As for games, it seems one day I’ll go 15-2 on the day, while the next day I’ll go 4-10 and get fed up and stop playing because of how bad I get stomped. It’s actually very annoying, and my W/L is about 67%