Matchmaking makes this game 100 % unplayable

I played 21 games of PvP in Battleborn, not one! of the games have been an even match. Closest game was 500 - 172. Its so frustrating thing, because the game would be 100 % awesome if the matchmaking was just decent, but atm its 100 % unplayabe.

I also feel like gearbox have the clock ticking to fix this problem since Overwatch is about to be released. I for one would stick to Battleborn, but in its current state I’m gonna go with Overwatch instead.

TL:DR Fantastic games that fails because of matchmaking… how is that possible year 2016?

Don’t need a TL;DR with only a couple lines lol

But yeah the matchmaking system is meh as of now. I think I’m rank 40+ and most of my games are steamrolls but I have also had some close games and lost some games.

TL;DR I think the matchmaking system is okay but it could be better

I’m sure that there are some issues with MM(as with literally ALL PVP games) but sometimes I wonder if it has less to do with MM and more to do with the game modes themselves.

In many MOBA’s you can try and mount comebacks by farming hard on a carry or a crucial turn around team fight over an objective but here? Not so much.

I mean there have been games where my team was HANDIDLY controlling our own merc camp AND the double merc camp and summoning the robot with each spawn, still wasn’t ever going to give us an advantage as we kept losing to players.

I think some comeback mechanics need to be added or scaling to come into play more. I feel like Mercs just don’t have the proper impact sometimes.

Also very hard to regain levels/farm shards once first sentry is gone, only one lane map is kinda crap. Even on multiple lane maps like Meltdown it doesn’t help because the map is SO TINY that you can be rotated on in 10 seconds.