Matchmaking Not Working on Xbox One

I was able to play BB fine up until about two days ago. Now I log into the game and it just sits in queue forever never finding a group.

I’ve read a few other threads saying this is a bug that happens if your game goes into sleep mode/controller times out and to goto home screen and quit the game then restart but its not working fo me.

Is there a fix besides reinstalling the game?

I havent been able to join any matches of any type for two days.

I had this happen to me a couple of days ago (searched for literal hours) so I just put the game down for a little bit and played something else and when I tried it the next time it was working fine.

Did you restart your XB1? Sometimes you need to power off/on to make sure everything’s playing nice.

This has happened to me a number of times. Couple of quick things I noticed:
If the time says short for a group and it takes over a minute or two and you don’t seen any players found, exit and start a different game, then go back into Battleborn. If it does it still, restart the whole system.

When ive had this issue and did these things, I got right in after.

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Yeah i’ve tried both of these things and still cant get into the game. only thing I havent tried is a system reset and reinstalling the game.

I think its this peview build of the UI it always screws things up I’m kinda sad i opted into it its given me nothing but problems.

There was one other instance I had of this scenario. Me and my wife BOTH had a our work computers on the network. I think something in our work firewalls disrupted the xbox from connecting to the network properly. Once we were both off, it seemed just fine.

Is that the XB1 preview build? If so, can you opt out of it? I’ve read of that being an issue with Handsome Collection connection issues as well.