Matchmaking on Story Public - whaa?

Been trying to do some co-op with the story missions, and after many attempts the past few days I have had ZERO success at finding a team. [XBOX] I am grouped with nobody. So, what’s the deal? Am I doing something wrong, or does it just not work? Getting dumped into a mission solo just plain sucks too, there is no way to back out of your solo co-op game and you need to disconnect from the mission.

Anywho, is this broken? Is it being worked on? Has there been any acknowledgement that there is a problem from Gearbox? Am I stupid for asking? Been googling around hunting some answers but not coming up with much. Had fun with the prologue and first mission, but now regret buying the season pass for a game I think I will quit soon with no matchmaking as far as I can tell.