Matchmaking (possible) solutions

At least on pc, matchmaking could be a pain (keep reading, is not another complaining threat about that :slight_smile:)

Why don’t remove the 3 game modes and just leave a plain queue on pvp matches?
Once the teams are created instead of just voting for a map on a game mode, you should vote for a map that includes the game mode.

For example: on the vote lobby you got 4 options, Overgrow, Frozen Temple, or a Capture (can’t remember the exact name) and “don’t care”. Once player vote for one of them there is a random factor, that increases the chances of the map/mode to be chosed, depending on the votes: (ex: 5 voted for Overgrow, 2 for fusion (temple?), 1 just don’t care so there is a random throw with different numbers: 75% Overgrow 25% fusion aprox).

There is a similar system used on Gw2, Heroes Of The storm… for example. Even, is a good idea to pick your battleborn before join, so the matchmaking could balance teams depending on player rank, ELO and the team composition…

I don’t know if you like the idea (hope i was able to explain it correctly), or do you have a better one? what you think?
Maybe if we got some good ideas we could raise them to devs.


I totally like the idea. Random queues have been done on so many games to decrease waiting time and it just works. You give people a bonus xp, especially xp that goes toward mastering a BB, and people will use it With numbers, we may even get more good games.

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While I enjoy the idea… I use different characters in different modes so like being able to choose by Battleborn knowing what kind of combat I’m going into.

Also I tend to change up my Gear boxes depending on what type of modes I’m going into (obviously this happens before joining the queue at all).

I like the idea of a random queue, but wouldn’t want to see the current ones taken away.

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well thats not incompatible with what i proposed here, Instead, i think that perfectly fit the idea of having 2 queues, one for casual/normal players, another one for ranked games:

1.- “fast” queue.

  • Choosing your character and gear then search for a game(this helps matchmaking and the people that want to use a single character could without anyone “stealing” it)
  • Matchmaker auto-balances the team using rank/elo and finding a similar team composition on the two sides
  • Map+Mode chosed with random+vote from players (as explained on the threat above) so all map/modes will be 1 queue (that will greatly help matchmaking having more players to choose from)
    This will create “fast” matchmaking.

2.- Ranked

  • Mode/Map choosed/randomized before character selection.
  • Team lobby/character selection to choose team composition and gear. (as actually is done)

Well i don’t know what you think, but, seems not a bad idea for me :grin:

Still think the idea is good but maybe devs may feel is a big change, so, at least they can put “multi queue” option: This means you can choose, 1,2 or 3 game modes, entering the 3 queues (or just the one you want) and playing the first is ready, this way there will be more players for the matchmaking to choose from, so it will be faster and more balanced.