Matchmaking Problem , Can't find any people to play

when i wanna play any of 3 modes match in this game , no one found .
i can’t play any match !

what should i do , no any , any , any match playing yet !!!

where you at?

what that mean ? location ? i live in Iran

could come down to a number of things such as time of day and player base. there are a number of threds on here about finding games and the common suggestion is to change your download region to a more common area to get in there match makeing.

Yes, changing download location fix the issue.

Im level 35 atm. PC.

Im located in germany, if we are going in the deep night / early morning i switch to north america so i get matched really fast with only us guys. My ping is a bit higher but its still decent playable.

If you q up with a friend just set EU for the first and US for the second one, you will get enemys on all locations!