Matchmaking problem

I am level 49, currently on mayhem 3 after my first playthrough. I am trying matchmaking ( proving grounds, circle of slaughter ) but no one ever shows up which is weird for a game as popular as this, am I doing something wrong, am I too low level to MM those things ?

It is not a problem. It is working as intended. Matchmaking is diluted like the loot pool.

(all seriousness, best matches will be M0, M4, M6, M8, and M10. Good luck!)

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Still absolutely no one for proving ground at M4…this seems weird…

Matchmaking barely worked a month after the game came out when the pool of players was substantial… It really is disappointing.

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Most will be / story - takedown - slaughters / in that order for best results. Most played Mayhem levels will be M0 and M10.

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This does not seem to make any sense, I tried Maliwan takedown as you said, but still no ones. i mean this is one of the most popular game out there, probably hundred thousands of players online at all times, and you cannot even get a group.

In The Division2 the group queue pops up literrally seconds after you try matchmaking for any activity, from pvp to raiding… and the Division 2 is a failed abandonned game, while this game is presented as the flagship and number 1 looter shooter

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Welcome to borderlands 3 sadly, matchmaking was easier up to a month ago. What system are you on?