Matchmaking problems?

Has anyone else been having problems with matchmaking? Whenever I search for a pvp match it says searching for players for minutes on end and then says “couldn’t find other players” or something like that. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I’m having the same exact problem… I matchmake and it puts me in the game solo???

Yes im having the same problem, i dont get it, i hope this problem gets fixed soon

Going on 3 days without being able to play PVP. Good start…

Mine just waits forever, left it for an hour once… one other poor soul joined my team for 5 minutes before giving up

pointless if we cant MP, refund coming soon i guess :confused:

i’ve only been able to play 3 games and that was the first day i bought it, ive been trying to play some MP as i finished the campaign and it now doesnt even find a game

the solution is to remove any skill based matchmaking. really wish it wasnt a thing