Literally just changed back within the last 30 minutes.


Is it live on consoles?

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Yes it is!

What do you mean “thoughts?”

Regardless, I think that people are going to complain about individual queues taking too long.
I think it was fine after the (casual competitive) change.
I think that they told us mid day yesterday that the change was coming.
I think that I would like to know when new stuff is coming to matchmaking.
I think Battleborn is fun.

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Personally I’m happy. I don’t always have time for incursion and I missed being able to pick what mode I got to play.


Give it 3 to 4 weeks and everyone will have complained about how long matchmaking is taking and it will change back again


with the new system the low numbers didn’t matter you got a game fairly fast… now it’ll be back to the hour long waits… sucks… but oh well, complainers gonna complain…


Good bye capture mode.
Ty gbx


Preferred the old way, unfortunately if your opinion was counter to the complainers your voice couldn’t be heard or the mods went out of their way to silence it.

Is Spotlight still there?

Thank you! I actually will get to play again without getting frustrated because I keep having to play modes I hate. I might actually get some friends back on and a few others to buy the game. It was real hard to get anyone excited to buy a game that didn’t allow you to select your desired game mode .

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THX @GBX for changing matchmaking and let us choose the game-mode we want to play THX :slight_smile:

Best regards.

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I really hope that the people who are happy that they reverted it remember how happy they are with matchmaking in a couple of weeks.

I really hope that.

Edit - Also, while the change itself is pretty much a wash for me, I’m going to miss being able to play Capture every now and again. I started playing it during the change, and actually sort of enjoy it. Oh well.

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Can’t they just make a single queue with voting for mode\map? Now I completely fail in understanding them -_- .

People would be upset because that would tend to skew games towards Overgrowth - Incursion and they still wouldn’t have real “choice.”

so now we get to sit in match making for an hour because the 400 people playing are spread between 6 game modes… awesome…

Thank god! Now I actually have an OPTION on what I want to play! :grin: Thanks GBX.


I managed to get one PvP match in this evening. Spent the last 10 minutes waiting for a match with a “short” queue time.

Seriously, I liked the other method better. At least then I could get INTO a match and play SOMETHING, rather than getting whiny about not getting to play my fave game mode…

Seriously GBX, sort this out and make a system that ACTUALLY WORKS PLEASE?


so rediculous, this reminds of Guardians of Middle Earth when the community was dead and games started in one minute no matter how many people joined the lobby…

You’d have games starting up with 2 vs 1 but atleast you could play… So they decided to patch the game so you had to wait five minutes for a game no matter what. Took the already small playerbase and killed it…

Am I the only one who’s disappointed by this? I liked the variety in maps that came about with the combined queues, and now that’s gone. I don’t think people gave it enough chance either. Battleborn isn’t going to fix itself, and systems such as what was put in place needed to be tried.

Gearbox will try something else and the community will grumble about that too. The game will continue to bleed players and it will be even harder to save the game.

People needed to accept what was done because it was in the best interests of the game.

Less than 800 people in game on a Friday evening at 9pm in the UK. That is atrocious and less than last weekend when, shockingly, we had a system that would apparently kill the game and force people to leave. Hmm, okay.