Matchmaking Suggestions (Fixes etc)

So far, I’ve been playing BB since it’s release. I’ve seen every patch and update come and go and the worst and best parts of it all. That being said, as things currently stand, public multiplayer matchmaking really needs the following two fixes. (As I type this I’m up to my 10th minute waiting on a Meltdown match. I’ve even gotten a full team twice but inevitably someone gives up and leaves and we’re back to waiting.)

  • “Any Mode” queue. You had it in the beta, you had a few weeks ago, and then you got rid of it again. Why? I don’t care what mode I play if I get to play, and the All Modes/Casual Play queue was SO much quicker than the Competitive Play one. Just what I and others wanted.

  • Drop In/Drop Out. I got Overwatch lately and for all the complaining people do about quitters, AFKers and surrender-monkeys here, Overwatch has -just- as many of them. I used Zenyatta’s ult (personal invuln + huge aoe heaing for those that don’t know) to nullify a full-team rush and 4 of their 5 quit the game, only to be replaced within seconds with other people, allowing the game to continue without pause.

These two things alone would, from what I’ve seen, more or less totally sort out the matchmaking queue times and the problem with quitters - which will never be fixed any other way because these are the same people who will drop out of a match the minute they’re 10 points behind no matter what else you do or say.