Matchmaking taking abnormally long

Average wait time for Incursion says SHORT however it has been taking several minutes to find a team and another several minutes to find opponents. I’ve even had it hang on “searching for teammates” when both my team and opposing team were visibly filled. After 3-4 minutes I’d drop from matchmaking and try again.

I’m noticing this too. The game finds teammates very quickly, but then takes forever to find the opposition. It’s almost as if the game times out. The game was fine Friday. I played Saturday evening and matchmaking was taking ages. There were 7k+ people playing, according to steam. Nearly 6k today and it’s taking ages, even though queue time suggests short.

I remember this happening on the Sunday of open beta actually. There was a server down situation that day and people were complaining about the matchmaking. I found then that if I quit matchmaking, and started queueing again, it would speed things up. It’s not a surefire fix though.

I know the suffers from people, but it didn’t take this long Friday, as I said. I was playing early morning during the week, UK time, and it was quicker to find matches.

I’d be inclined to say there were problems with the server.

I’m in the UK-London download region on Steam.

I know you folks at Gearbox are working damn hard to make Battleborn a success, and I believe in you. I love this game and am having more fun than I’ve had in months with it. I’ve been contributing to the reddit group and there’s a very strong sense of community over there…though lately a lot of grumbling has snuck in.

I’m starting to wane from my wanting to believe though. Matchmaking problems like this aren’t going to help. I know the population is low, but I didn’t have this problem last weekend, with roughly the same number of people playing.

Please fix things, cause I honestly think I’d lose all faith in gaming if a fantastic game like this were to fail. It doesn’t deserve to.

I am finding it hard to play ‘BATTLEYWAN’ now due to this - I will admit that if I need a character to help me unlock lore (like play 5 games with such and such and I don’t have any friends online) and the said character isn’t selected I quit the game and restart and re-enter again and wait till I get that character I need. (UNLESS I need other LORE requirements met) I used to just shrug it off and play but now I quit and restart, ‘WHY?’ you ask - Because lore takes so long to complete, it is specific to MY interest, not the team and because after waiting so long to get a game of anything (I often get 1 other player instead of 4 man in NORMAL pve mode) I am over it (Meaning im pissed off) I haven’t even been able to find an incursion game since the introduction of the new battleborn character for fu*S sake. If i get in a pvp match (only managed meltdown since last patch) its usually over before i get full use of my helix skills and im forced to wait like up to 50 minutes at times to play the fing PVP again! I am sick and tired of this ■■■■ and just want to play the fing game. I wish I just could play pvp, not wait up to 50 minutes plus for a game and have FUN. (I am In Australia and have changed my region to America just to get a game, yes the lag is unkind)