Matchmaking thoughts

As of late, i noticed couple of problems with matchmaking.
First off, it takes a long time to find a match. In terms of 10-15 minutes of wait time. I know what most will say, ‘‘You are already wasting time by playing games, why do you complain?’’, i would not complain if i actually played instead of waiting in queue.
Second, these changes to matchmaking that was done earlier is not completely without problems.

If someone think that is fair matchmaking, then really i don’t know what fair is (and yes, we lost).
I would not give any thought to it, if this was first time. But since i got the game ( which was on June 28th), this is has been happening regularly. And matchmaking was not always like this, since i have been closely following Battleborn since beta, when my good friend started playing it, and i was/am regularly following his matches.
Being constantly crushed and stumped by high rank players while being teamed with players of my rank is no fun at all, and as time passes i regret more and more money spent on this game.
While i do have fun, from time to time, it does not justify winning one game by being hammered into oblivion in next 10.
Please, fix this, it is becoming more and more frustrating to play like this.

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